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About the Bar or Bat Mitzvah Service

A Bar (for son) or Bat (for daughter) Mitzvah service is a lifecycle event in which a young person celebrates their attainment of the age of 13, which is the age at which he or she is recognized as an adult in the Jewish tradition.  It is the beginning of their adult Jewish journey.  This means that he or she is responsible and accountable for performing commandments (Mitzvot) in the Torah. Bat or Bar Mitzvah means “daugher or son of the commandments”.  At Temple Rodef Shalom, our Bar and Bat Mitzvah students lead portions of the Saturday morning or afternoon service, read from the Torah (Five Books of Moses) and Haftarah (Selection of the Prophets). The student also provides his or her own interpretation of the scriptures in a personal reflection.  It is a very uplifting and spiritual experience for everyone!

Rodef Chochma

This program is for adults looking to become b’nai mitzvah. Please visit the Rodef Chochma Adult B’nai Mitzvah page.