TRS Digital Archives

Building on the work of past archive volunteers, in 2022 we started a TRS Archives Project (TAP) to create a Digital Archives capability for our synagogue archives. The Digital Archives is now available online and displays carefully curated selections of archive materials. And, we are just getting started! Over the next few years, our team will be digitizing and describing artifacts from the dusty archive shelves to this modern Digital Archive that is searchable and accessible to all our congregants.

How to use the new Digital Archives:

How to access the Digital Archives:

  1. Click the MyTRS link (here or at the top of the page)
  2. Login to your Membership account
  3. Click the graphic for “TRS Preservica Archives Project”

Please do not share the Digital Archives on social media, we want to protect our congregants’ privacy.

This Digital Archives is an ongoing effort and new content will be added as our volunteers can digitize and categorize the many archive materials at TRS. 

For a quick overview of the history of our synagogue, please visit Our History (no login required).

How can you help?

  1. You can donate to the Archives Fund (see the Donate page),
  2. You can add information to archive items in the Digital Archives by emailing us with additional information (email ), and
  3. You can volunteer to help us digitize and curate the existing physical archives.

To send us feedback or to volunteer, email . We hope to connect with you through our shared history, now and into the future!