Our Caring Community

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For information on any of these programs or initiatives, please be in touch with Stefanie Bloom, Director of Caring. 

Caring Community Programs

Temple Rodef Shalom is a caring community. Whether we are delivering meals to a family dealing with chronic illness…calling a friend to offer words of encouragement…or making sure an elderly friend gets to an appointment on time…we understand that we are responsible for one another.

Aging Wisely

Temple Rodef Shalom provides programs that assist our members age in a way that is positive, healthy, and engaged in social activities. From small group work in Wise Aging to informational sessions on how to find appropriate housing or support a partner struggling with dementia, the Temple seeks to offer educational tools to sustain our members as they transition to a new stage of life. 

Caring Committee

The Caring Committee of Temple Rodef Shalom, under the direction of the Director of Caring, is a group of dedicated volunteers who provide non-urgent assistance to members who could benefit from home visitation, temporary meal delivery, or other short-term support. Please use this form to indicate your areas of interest if you would like to be added to our list of willing volunteers.

Rodef Rides

As we age, many of us find driving — especially after dark — to be a challenge. Unfortunately, many of our social activities or opportunities to engage with Temple worship and programming happen in the evening. Rodef Rides is a corps of volunteers who are willing to provide transportation to and from Temple services, events, and programs.  Email Rodef Rides with any questions.

Support Groups

Temple Rodef Shalom understands that many of us share painful or difficult life experiences. Often, we find comfort in being with others who have similar stories and we benefit from facilitated conversations with each other.  

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