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New Music Monday #17 - From Strength to Strength
by Jacob "Spike" Kraus

TRS Songleader Jason sits down with Jacob “Spike” Kraus to talk about his brand new album, From Strength To Strength! Hear them talk about how Spike became a Jewish musician, how he crafts his unique musical style, and why TRSTS students should be excited to see him in concert December 3rd during religious school!

New Music Mondays

Welcome to New Music Mondays at TRS! Our music team loves to discover and share new Jewish music.

Watch performances by our staff and many talented musical congregants, interviews with contemporary Jewish musicians, and questions to get you thinking about how music can move us as a community.

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5 New Albums
From 2023

We're back with FIVE new albums of Jewish music that have come out in recent months.

Lo Yisa Goy by
Emily Groff Heilborn

What if we only reached out in love? Emily shares how her melody of this plea for peace came to be and why it's as important as ever.

3 Movements To Wrestle With God

The students of the 2023 N'tivot Songwriting Class spent 3 weeks wrestling with God and how to express their feelings of Joy, Awe, and Fear through music.

Elohai N'shamah
by Fred Ross-Perry

Cantor Michaeli shares one of her favorite melodies of a favorite prayer, Elohai N'shamah.

Water is Wide
(Mi Chamocha)

Rabbi Saxe shares one of his favorite melodies he's sung recently at his monthly Boi Shabbat, Water Is Wide (Mi Chamocha).

Way to Say Ah
by Beth Shafer

TRS Religious School Director Dara Holop shares one of her favorite songs, Way to Say Ah by Beth Shafer for this week's brand new New Music Monday!

We Are Together
by Jay Rapaport

In this very special New Music Monday, TRS alum and former Camp Rodef Shalom Director Jay Rapaport shares one of his newest songs, We Are Together from his album Attitude of Gratitude!

Oseh Shalom
by Dan Nichols

TRS Songleader & Music Coordinator Jason Flatt shares a rendition of Dan Nichols' setting for Oseh Shalom.

Rest by
Cantor Juval Porat

RS Songleader & Music Coordinator Jason Flatt spoke with Cantor Juval Porat about his recent album "Rest!" Watch their full interview here!

My Whole Heart by
Rabbi Noah Diamondstein

TRS Songleader Jason Flatt and his Rabbi Noah Diamondstein sat down to talk about Rabbi Diamondstein's new project My Whole Heart, swap stories, and sing a few of its songs together.

New Songs at TRS Religious School 2022

Our religious school students show us all kinds of ways music moves them with some songs they’re learning for the first time this year!

Happy Chanukah

Happy Chanukah from the TRS music team! Enjoy these new videos of our choirs and music leaders performing Baruch Atoh, Mi Zeh Yimaleil, and Chocolate Gelt.

Hame'irah by
Josh Warshawsky

Learn about Hame'irah by Rabbi Josh Warshawsky and Coleen Dieker and how it connects to last summer's Camp TRS theme Or Chadash — Shine a New Light.

Love is the Ground by Rena Branson

Love Is The Ground by Rena Branson combines modern Jewish spirituality and classic Chassidic melodies to make their unique style of music.

Shabbossa Volume 1 by Zach Singer

Zach Singer’s Shabbossa Volume 1 jazzes up some Shabbat classics alongside funky original melodies in this bossa rock-inspired album.

by Elana Arian

Cantor Rhodes shares a new setting of the Priestly Blessing (Y'varech'cha) by Elana Arian she has introduced to our bar and bat mitzvah services this year.