For Aliyah Participants

Mazal tov! You are being given a great honor. Your job is to read or chant the Torah Blessings before and after the Bar or Bat mitzvah reads from the Torah. If you’ve never done this before, don’t worry, we’ll help you!

Materials to Help You Prepare

To make it easy for you, we have several resources available to help you learn how to read or chant the Torah blessings, as well as learn the choreography of the Aliyah ritual. Choose from the following:

Blessings Sheet

Open and print the Torah Blessings Sheet so that you can read from the Hebrew, transliterated Hebrew (English letters) or simply read the English translation.


Watch a short instructional video on how to perform an Aliyah at Temple Rodef Shalom.

Interactive Website

You can go to our Kol Kore website to play the Torah blessings. Click here to access the Kol Kore site.

This is what the screen should look like.





At the top right, make sure it says Torah blessings. If not, click on the dialogue box and choose the prayer you want to hear.




The prayer list appears when you click that dialogue box. Click on your prayer.



The prayer appears in the main screen. Click on the first few words. They will light up blue and you will hear them sung.

Audio Recording


The blessing that goes before the Torah Reading.

Play the blessing that goes after the Torah reading.

Print the full instructions in written form, along with the blessings. Thank you for performing this important mitzvah!