Prevent Gun Violence

The TRS Gun Violence Prevention group educates and mobilizes the congregation on common sense gun safety measures. Any interested TRS congregant is welcome to join the group’s advocacy and public education efforts, including lobbying for gun violence prevention laws; educating the community on gun safety laws and practices; and increasing community awareness of gun violence prevention through such activities as GVP Shabbat and participation in the annual City of Falls Church Memorial Day Parade. 

For more information on national efforts to reduce gun violence, we recommend these resources:

RED FLAG LAW = Emergency Substantial Risk Order 

One of the best tools for reducing gun violence in Virginia is the Emergency Substantial Risk Order (ESRO.) This “Red Flag” law permits courts to temporarily keep firearms out of the hands of people who are showing signs of substantial risk to themselves or others. 

For a fact sheet  go to this link.

To learn more about this powerful tool see this Fact Sheet, available in both English and Spanish. For more in depth training, view a narrated slide presentation on YouTube narrated by Cantor Michael Shochet on how to use the Virginia ESRO law:

Click here for Spanish.

You Can PREVENT a Gun Tragedy!   

Virginia’s Emergency Substantial Risk Order, (ESRO) commonly known as “Red Flag” Law, can be used to temporarily take firearms from a person who the court finds is a substantial risk for harm to self or others.

If you suspect someone might be at risk, call a non-emergency line to start the legal process:

  • Arlington County Police Dept:  703-558-2222
  • Fairfax County Police Dept:  703-691-2131
  • City of Falls Church Police Dept:  703-241-5050

**If there is immediate danger, call or text 911.

For those experiencing a mental health crisis, call the National Suicide & Crisis Lifeline at 988.