Lay Leadership

Executive Board and Officers

The Executive Board, comprised of the congregation’s officers, is responsible for the general management and supervision of the affairs of the Congregation. Officers serve two-year terms (except the president-elect, who serves a one-year term prior to serving as president) and are elected by the congregation at the Spring Congregational Meeting. Officers for the period July 2022 – June 2024 are shown below.

Lynne Lotenberg

Jeffrey Levy
Vice President, Internal Operations

Jen Jacobsen
Vice President, Community Engagement

Sam Klein
Vice President, Membership & Congregational Engagement

Sara Kline
Asst. Vice President, Membership & Congregational Engagement

Tina Rafalovich
Vice President, Youth

Rachel Simon
Asst. Vice President, Youth

Matt Korn

Ira Gordon
Asst. Treasurer

Melissa Sporn

Congregational Board

The Congregational Board consists of the Executive Board, the elected at-large board members, the elected endowment directors, the immediate three past presidents, chairs of standing committees, and the president or a designated representative of the Men of TRS, Rodef 2100, TRSTY, and the Women of TRS.

David Hindin
At-Large Member

Chelsea Rubin
At-Large Member

Lisa Downing
At-Large Member

Andy Joskow
Endowment Director

Beth Silver
Endowment Director

Ken Lifland
Endowment Director

Amy Beckman
Past President

Susan Weinstock
Past President

Bob Schlossberg
Past President

Committee Chairs and Presidents of Auxiliaries

Adult Education
Marcy Gessel, Chair

Jackie Rockman, Co-Chair
Jessica Solloway, Co-Chair

Ali Nadel, Chair

Community Service
Karen Apsel, Co-Chair
Alyssa Prince, Co-Chair

Randi Wallen, Co-Chair
Merrill Spiegel, Co-Chair

Joann Berkson, Chair

Leadership Development
Mindy Facenda, Chair

Lauren Johnson, Chair

Men of TRS
Robert Moss, President

Music and Performing Arts
Josephine LeBeau, Chair

Religious School
Adam Biegel, Co-Chair
Stacy Leff, Co-Chair

Rodef 2100
Rebecca Borovsky, President

Social Justice
Hillary Horn, Chair

Strategic Planning
Cory Amron, Co-Chair
Reyna Pratt, Co-Chair

Women of TRS
Shari Fishman, President
Josie Hertz-Ackerman, President
Mary Ann Kennedy, President
Bernice Porrazzo, President
Andrea Stillman, President

Jill Abrams, Co-Chair
Tasha Tilock, Co-Chair