Czech Torah Scrolls

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  1. History of the Czech Scrolls
  2. How scroll holder is using it in the life of the community
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May 1992

  • Dedication ceremony is held for our Holocaust Torah from the Pinkus Synagogue in Prague, Czechoslovakia, the result of a permanent loan arranged by Temple Treasurer Peter Elinsky.

In my emails with Jeffrey Ohrenstein, the Chairman of the Trust, I asked if Temple Rodef Shalom had one of the scrolls on loan. I did not see it listed on the worldwide map on the Museum’s website, but I was pretty sure we did.  He confirmed that our Temple does care for MST#778 which is from the Pinkas synagogue in Prague. You probably knew this, but I was very excited to learn it was such a prominent synagogue!  

Additionally, he said he would appreciate any help I could offer to get a Czech Torah page added to our Temple’s website.  This seems to be an expectation of all synagogues with scrolls on loan from the Trust. I’m not sure if this is something Temple Rodef Shalom is aware of or even who would handle this. Perhaps someone is already on this.  In any case, I am glad to help in any way I can to get this done.  

Also of interest, 2024 is the 60th year of the scrolls arriving in London.  There are apparently celebrations and dedications or simple ceremonies being held by some of the over 1000 Temples that now care for MST scrolls.  I was thinking it would be nice if we could honor this 60th anniversary and our scroll in some way sometime during this year.

We have some of the story mounted in the display box in the Sanctuary, and there is likely something in the Archives.  Peter Elinsky may have been the one who brought it it across the Atlantic to us.

we “dedicated” it when we received it.

link to memorial site