Confirmation Service 2019 Assignments

Below are your assignments for the Confirmation Service, along with the important dates and times for everything.

Confirmation Service Date and Time:

Sunday, June 9 at 10:30 am.

Class members need to arrive by 9:30 am for class picture and rehearsal.


Sunday, May 12, 5:30 – 7:30 pm (during class): This is when you have to have learned your part. We will check your Hebrew on May 12. Please have it learned by then. Essays are also due at this time.

Mandatory Rehearsals:

SUNDAY, May 19: 5:30-7:30 pm in the Sanctuary

Sunday, June 2: 5:30-7:30 pm, we will start with a BBQ dinner and then move into the sanctuary for the rehearsal.

Service Assignments:

Find your name below. Download the pdf file which is the prayerbook page. If you’ve been assigned an accompanied song, you should also download the sheet music. Download the MP3 file to hear a recording of your part. All parts need to be learned by Sunday, May 12, including essays written!

If you want to purchase the KOL KOREH computer/internet program that allows you to listen to your Hebrew assignment on the computer with a point-and-click method, send an email to Cantor Shochet and let him know. It costs $15.


Ask Cantor Rhodes:

First Name Last Name Assignment Prayerbook Page Links MP3 Links
Livia Lampal Sing Mah Tovu Mah Tovu – words Mah Tovu – music
Leah Karush Sing Mah Tovu Mah Tovu – words Mah Tovu – music
Eli Bailey Read Elohai Read Elohai
Eli Rafalovich Read These Are Things These Are Things
Naomi Mansour Sing Psalm 150 Psalm 150, words and music Psalm 150
Joel Brown Bar’chu Bar’chu, words and music Bar’chu
Hannah Grossman Yotzeir Or Yotzeir Or Yotzeir Or
Lilly Tanenbaum Ahavah Rabba, chanted Ahavah Rabba Ahava Rabba
Daniel Trauberman Ahavah Rabba, English read Ahavah Rabba
Hannah Aguinis Sh’ma Sh’ma Sh’ma
Maxwell Frey V’ahavta V’ahavta V’ahavta
Jacob Morse Responsive Reading, Emet v’Yatziv Responsive Reading
Rachel Rubin Sing Mi Chamocha Mi Chamocha Mi Chamocha
Haylee Feist Amidah and Avot Amidah; Avot Avot
Abbie Lelyveld Newell G’vurot G’vurot G’vurot
Spencer Goodwin K’dushah, words and music K’dushah – words K’dushah – music
Tess Mellinger K’dushah, words and music K’dushah – words K’dushah – music
Ethan Mansour Read Atah V’Chartanu Atah V’Chartanu
Noa Glashow Read R’tzeih R’tzeih
Emma Greene Sim Shalom, words and music Sim Shalom, words and music Sim Shalom
Mia Sorongon Oseh Shalom, words and music Oseh Shalom – words Oseh Shalom – music
Joshua O’Keefe-Walzer Oseh Shalom, words and music Oseh Shalom – words Oseh Shalom – music
Torah Portion
First Name Last Name Assignment MP3 Link
Benji Gold Torah 1 Exodus 20, v 1-4 Torah 1
Emily Mortman Torah 2 Exodus 20, v 5-7 Torah 2
Daniel Kalish Torah 3 Exodus 20, v 8-11 Torah 3
Toby Kant Torah 4 Exodus 20, v 12-14 Torah 4
Ben Werchowsky Torah 5 Exodus 20, v 15-17 Torah 5
Daniel House Torah 6 Exodus 20, v 18-20 Torah 6
Sophia Rossen Torah 7 Exodus 20, v 21-23 Torah 7
Ian Sborofsky Ruth 11-12 PDF Ruth 11-12
Noah Abramson Ruth 13-14 PDF Ruth 13-14
Jacob Hochstein Ruth 15-16 PDF Ruth 15-16
Divrei Torah
First Name Last Name Assignment Torah Blessing Torah Blessing
Max Steinbaum Speech 1 Hebrew Audio
Harrison Lundy Speech 2 Hebrew Audio
Ilene Kruger Speech 3 Hebrew Audio
Emily Simon Speech 4 Hebrew Audio
Sofie Treibitz Speech 5 Hebrew Audio
Sarah Kazden Speech 6 Hebrew Audio
Lily Penington Speech 7 Hebrew Audio
Alexa Rossman Speech 8 Hebrew Audio
Sonel Cuttler D’var Torah Hebrew Audio
Jack Rifkin Ruth D’var Torah Hebrew Audio