Confirmation Service 2024

The Confirmation Service is scheduled for Friday night, May 17th at 6:30 pm.

Rehearsals: Sunday, May 5: 5 pm; Sunday, May 12: 5 pm; Wednesday, May 15 with dinner from 6-7; rehearsal at 7 pm.

Find your name below and read your assignment. Then you can click on the link to download the prayerbook page, the recordings of the Hebrew, sheet music and recordings for songs that you are singing. Suggest right clicking on a link and choosing OPEN IN NEW WINDOW or TAB


Links for Hebrew, Sheet Music and Recordings
Alexa Bayer End of Hashkiveinu Prayerbook Page, Hebrew Recording
Micah Bierman V’ahavtah Prayerbook Page, Hebrew Recording
Isaac Brookes-Weiss Hinei Mah Tov, Ose Shalom Prayerbook Page Hinei, Ose, Recording Hinei, Recording Ose, Sheet Music Hinei, Sheet Music Ose
Levi Cody Torah #2, Aliyah 2, Torah Recording, Scan of Torah
Rachel DeSilver Ma’ariv Aravim Prayerbook Page, Hebrew Recording
Jackson Drucker Sing in one or two group songs
Mica Karotkin Bar’chu, Adonai Sefatai & Avot Prayerbook Page Barchu, Avot, Recording Barchu, Recording Avot, Sheet music Barchu
Henry Katz Essay, Intro to MiChamocha, Torah Blessings Prayerbook Page, Torah Blessing Recording, Torah Blessings
Cass Kuebler Essay, Shalom Rav Prayerbook Page, Shalom Rav Recording, Shalom Rav Sheet Music
Jacob Laidhold Gevurot Prayerbook Page, Hebrew Recording
Dani Leff Essay, MiChamocha, Atah Kadosh, Ose Shalom Prayerbook Page Michamocha, Atah Kadosh, Ose, Sheet Music Michamocha, Ose Shalom, Recordings Michamocha, Atah Kadosh, Ose
Owen Lefton Essay, Modim Prayerbook Page, Recording
Izzy Lippmann Torah #3, Torah Aliyah 3,Torah Scan, Recording
Mia Moret Essay (D’var Torah), Ose Shalom, Torah Blessings Prayerbook Page Ose, Ose Shalom Music, Ose Recording, Torah Blessings, Torah Blessing Recording
Mia Mortman Torah #5, L’cha Dodi, V’shamru Duet Prayerbook Page Lcha Dodi, Vshamru, Recording L’cha Dodi (Warshawsky), Recording V’shamru, Music L’cha Dodi (Warshawski), Music Vshamru, Aliyah 5, Torah Recording, Scan of Torah;
Jonah Phillips Bar’chu, MiChamocha, Reading on Page 55 Prayerbook Page Barchu, Michamocha,; Recording Bar’chu Recording Michamocha, Sheet music MiChamocha, Sheet Music, Bar’chu,Page 55; Recording of Pg. 55
Maya Rosenbloom Bar’chu, Hashkiveinu reading; R’tzei reading. Prayerbook Page Barchu, Hashkiveinu;  Recording Bar’chu, Sheet Music Bar’chu, Rtzei Reading; Rtzei Recording
Rebecca Rothman Torah #4, MiChamocha, Shalom Rav Prayerbook Page Michamocha,, Shalom Rav; Recording Michamocha, Recording Shalom Rav, Sheet Music Michamocha, Sheet Music Shalom Rav, Torah Page, Torah Recording, Torah Scan
Dani Rothman Hinei Mah Tov, Bar’chu, Shalom Rav, End of Rtzei; violin Prayerbook Page Hinei, Prayerbook Barchu, Prayerbook Shalom Rav; Recording Hinei, Recording Bar’chu, Recording Shalom Rav, Sheet Music Barchu, Sheet Music Shalom Rav, Sheet Music Hinei; End of Rtzei page; End of Rtzei Recording
Juliana Sanchez Halpern Hinei Mah Tov, End of Ahavat Olam, Sh’ma, Ose Shalom, Guitar in Band Prayerbook Page Hinei, Prayerbook Ahavat and Sh’ma, Prayerbook Ose, Recordings: Hinei, Sh’ma, Ose; Sheet Music; Hinei, Sh’ma, Ose
Lucas Stone Essay, Torah blessings Torah Blessings, Torah Blessing Recording
Gavin Tilock Essay, Ahavat Olam, Cello in Band Prayerbook Page Ahavat Olam, Recording Ahavat
Sarah Trainer Torah #1, Hinei Mah Tov, Kadsheinu, Prayerbook Page Hinei, Prayerbook Kadsheinu, Torah Aliyah, Torah Recording, Torah Scan, Hinei Recording, Kadsheinu Recording, Hinei Sheet Music.