Lay Leadership

The Congregational Board is responsible for the general management of Temple Rodef Shalom.  All positions listed below are part of the Congregational Board. To contact a member of the board, please search the online TRS member database, the information below, or the corresponding committee page on the website for an email address.


The congregation elects the officers at the Spring Congregational Meeting every second year. Officers serve a two-year term.  Officers comprise the Executive Board.  The officers for the period July 2018 – June 2020 are listed.

President Susan Weinstock

Vice President, Community Engagement
Jeffery Levy
Vice President, Membership & Congregational Engagement Jen Jacobsen
Asst. Vice President, Membership & Congregational Engagement Kelly Teibitz
Vice President, Youth Lynne Lotenberg
Asst. Vice President, Youth Tina Rafalovich
Vice President, Internal Operations Ken Lifland
Secretary John Davidson
Treasurer James Mendelsohn
Assistant Treasurer Stephan Kline


Additional Congregational Board Members

At-Large Directors  Josh Kussman, Elisabeth Morse, Jon Schwabish
Men of TRS  Jon Ginsberg
Women of TRS  Mary Ann Kennedy, Bernice Porrazzo
Temple Rodef Shalom Temple Youth
 Lee Smith
Past Presidents Andy Joskow & Barry Holt & Mindy Facenda,
Endowment Directors  Matt Korn, Ed Beckwith, David Lawrence

Community Engagement Jeffery Levy, Vice President
Israel Joann Berkson, Chair
Social Action Karen Hendrixson, Co-Chair
Hillary Horn, Co-Chair
Membership and Congregational Engagement Jen Jacobsen, Vice President
Kelly Treibitz, Asst. Vice President
Adult Education Ellen Blalock, Co-Chair
Karen Kaplan, Co-Chair
Caring and Inclusion Carin Lomax, Co-Chair
Pamela Sidel-Gruntfest, Co-Chair
Membership Andrea Stillman, Co-Chair
Jon Bernstein, Co-Chair
Music and Performing Arts Josephine LeBeau, Chair
Youth Lynne Lotenberg, Vice President
Tina Rafalovich, Asst. Vice President
Camp Debbie Feinberg, Co-Chair
Cortney Storm, Co-Chair
Religious School David Taube, Chair
Youth Rachel Simon, Co-Chair
Janet Fortney, Co-Chair
Internal Operations Ken Lifland, Vice President
Financial Management James Mendelsohn, Co-Chair
Stephan Kline, Co-Chair
Leadership Development Lisa Horowitz, Chair
Strategic Planning Cory Amron, Co-Chair
Reyna Pratt, Co-Chair