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The Temple library offers a special place to examine the values, beliefs, and hopes of the Jewish Community as it moves into the new millennium. Care is taken to select books which explore the the meaning of Jewishness and reflect the richness of Jewish heritage, culture, and intellect.

The library is open during Temple working hours and staffed Monday and Thursday mornings. We welcome inquiries and do our best to assist with special projects and requests.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Library

When is the library open?

The library is open whenever the building is open. Please come in anytime. The Librarian’s hours are Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and occasional Sunday morning hours. The Librarian is also available via phone and e-mail.

How do I check out a book?

All of our books and materials have a borrower card at the back. Remove the card and write, legibly, your full name and the date on it. Place the card in the green basket on top of the circulation desk. All materials are due in three weeks, with the option of renewal for an additional three weeks if needed.

How do I return a book?

Please place all items in our Returns bin to the left of the DVD rack. Items returned to the circulation desk often get misplaced. If the library is locked, use the slot which may be found just outside the library, in the Grand Hall. There is no need to search for the borrower card; we have them all on file. If you see an item in the Returns bin that you would like to check out, please let the Librarian know. She will be happy to return it, and then check it out to you.

Can I put a book on hold?

Absolutely. Contact the Librarian and she will put your requested book in our reserved section. If the book is currently checked out, you will be placed on a hold list and notified as soon as the book is available.

What is in the library’s collection?

The library has close to 5,000 books and other materials on Jewish topics. We have adult, young adult and children’s fiction and non-fiction, poetry, short stories and biographies. Special collections include board books, art books, cookbooks, biographies, rare books, graphic novels, Bar/Bat Mitzvah books, CDs, DVDs and an extensive reference collection. We currently subscribe to several newspapers and magazines including The Forward, Jewish Review of Books, Reform Judaism, Moment and Commentary. Current copies of Washington Jewish Week are available weekly, free of charge.

How does the library decide which materials to purchase?

The library uses a number of factors to determine new purchases including Jewish content, favorable reviews, relevance to the congregation, cost and availability. Suggestions are welcome. We are not able to purchase every item suggested, but we do give suggestions full consideration.

Does the library accept donations?

The library is currently processing donations and is unable to receive more at this time. If you have recently published Jewish books in good condition that you would like to donate, please contact the Librarian with a list.

How are books catalogued?

Books are catalogued according to the Dewey Decimal classification. The library is implementing a new computerized catalog system.

I’m a member of a Temple book club. How can I get a copy of the books we’re reading?

The library has copies of upcoming books for Temple book clubs, except those with no Jewish content. If you would like a book club book, please let the Librarian know and she will place it on hold for you.

May I use the library’s computers?

The computers are open to all and you are welcome to use them. We do ask that you refrain from using them on Shabbat and holidays. If you have your own computer, there is free wi-fi and there are many outlets available.