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Looking for a way to connect with more fellow TRS members?  Do you want to know who else is erecting a Sukkah this year?  Do you need to ask for a ride to services on Friday night or seek a babysitter next Saturday? Would you like to learn more about how to green your home or to commit to eating meatless on Mondays? Do you want to discuss an issue or ask a basic question about Judaism or the Temple? Or, would you like to connect more closely with the men of our congregation? You can do all of these things and more by joining a TRS Yahoo Group! These Yahoo Groups are one way to link to other TRS members, and they are free!

The TRS Yahoo Groups are organized and run by Temple members for Temple members and are managed using yahoogroups. Instructions for how to join the various Yahoo Groups are listed below.

Once you sign on, you’ll be approved to become a part of the TRS lay community!


This group discusses general Jewish topics and looks to engage our members further in discussions on just about everything!

Just go to To send a message to all other subscribers, address your email to And don’t worry, it’s just as easy to unsubscribe or choose to get just one message daily containing all the TRS-List messages. Yahoo Groups even has built-in virus protection! You’ll love TRS-List, so go ahead and subscribe! And don’t worry, it’s just as easy to unsubscribe or choose to get just one message daily containing all the TRS-List messages.

There are some general guidelines to be aware of to help assure that the TRS-List is a fulfilling experience for everyone:

  • A listserv is an automated email distribution system.  Send an email to it and every other subscriber receives your message.
  • If you have questions or concerns for our clergy or staff, please contact them privately.
  • Postings may be on any topic that you would normally raise with a group of friends from the Temple. Attachments are supported.
  • In responding to a message, consider whether you want to share your reply with the entire list or only the person who made the original posting. If you just “reply” it goes only to the sender.
  • Always keep the tone of the messages during discussions courteous and respectful.

You may also unsubscribe by sending an e-mail message from the e-mail account you used to sign up to

Enjoy using the TRS-list Yahoo Group! If you have any questions, send an email to Jim Talens, email or Sam Simon, email.


Have a Bar or Bat Mitzvah coming up? A wedding? A bris or baby naming? Are you in the planning stages now and are looking for ideas to make the event more meaningful — or for possible shortcuts for some of your research? Or — have you been through a simcha recently and are willing to share ideas and advice with other TRS members? In either case, please join TRS Simcha. To join this new volunteer-administered list:

Send an e-mail to

Contact Elisa Joseph Anders, email with any questions about signing up for TRS Simcha.


Many of us have become aware recently of the importance of reducing our carbon footprint.  It is vital that we do what we can, both individually, as families, and as a community.  There is much we can do — from small things such as reusing bags and turning off lights to larger things such as changing our transportation habits, making our homes and commercial buildings more energy-efficient, and working as a community to effect broader change.

TRS is taking action. Committees are forming now to work in several areas of going green.  This Yahoo Group is one of the first steps. Join now. Tell others about what you are doing to go green. Have a question? Ask other members what they are doing. Ask about green contractors. Share requests for green letter-writing campaigns.

Send an e-mail to

Contact Elisa Joseph Anders, email with any questions about signing up for trsgreen.


“Meatless Monday” program is a TRS Green Team initiative, and is an on-going group of TRS members who have committed to go completely meatless at least one day a week. Originally started as a project of Johns Hopkins’ Bloomberg School of Public Health, the program promotes both environmental and health benefits. Estimates have put the meat-production industry as contributing up to 18% of all greenhouse gas emissions which are warming our planet. Additionally, decreased meat consumption has been shown to have remarkable health benefits for the heart, mind, and body. Join us on the list to receive and share informal notes and comments on menus, recipes, and dining experiences!

Send an e-mail to

Contact Geri Maskell, email with any questions about Meatless Monday.


Our own brand of Brotherhood/Men’s Club. . .

Mission Statement:
Create a sense of community and identity among the men in the congregation by providing, encouraging and supporting opportunities for men to get to know one another by doing things together, whether social, educational, service or spiritual.

To subscribe, send a message to

For more information about this group, check out our Men of TRS webpage