We’re New Property Owners!

President Andy Joskow’s Congregational Meeting Remarks Regarding the Purchased Property

June 10, 2014

We negotiated a contract for purchase of the property at 2110 Westmoreland St.  with Mr. Jack Taylor in March. The Congregation approved terms of that contract at a special meeting on April 9. I can now report that we closed on the purchase of the property this past Thursday, June 5. It is now ours. The immediate next steps will be to clear the property and allow it to return to its natural state. We have signed a contract for the demolition, but you may not see immediate action as will take a little time to get proper permits and deal with appropriate utility cutoffs. This investment will give the Temple options in the future when and if we would like to expand our physical infrastructure. I want to especially thank Barry Holt who resuscitated the dream of owning the property in 2011, and who worked with me this time around when Mr. Taylor became interested in selling again. A thank you also goes to members Susan and Paul Abramson, who had a personal relationship with Jack Taylor that helped solidify our contact with him.


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