My bags are packed. . .

amyMy suitcase is already half full, I’m charging my Israeli cell phone and my children have told me what gifts they want me to bring them!!

In just a few days 32 Temple members, Beth Silver, our Executive Director, and Rabbi Berkowits and I will arrive in Israel.  All of us are extremely excited about this trip which will take us on a journey from the earliest days of Jewish history right up to today’s challenges of modern Israel. We will spend 5 days in Jerusalem, 3 days in northern Israel where we will visit Tiberias, Tzfat and the Golan Heights, and 3 days in Tel Aviv. We will walk on ancient stones and trails as well as begin to make new paths of our own.

This trip, and others like it that Temple Rodef Shalom sponsors each year, is designed to introduce travelers to the Israel that helped to form the Jewish people – both old and new. It also serves to help each of us find our own personal connection to Israel. Some of us are captivated by the history, others fall in love with the beautiful natural wonders of the land, others are drawn to Hebrew and of course all of us enjoy the food! During our trip we will be exposed to Israel’s political struggles. We will hear opinions on all sides and realize that Israelis, like American Jews, represent a vast spectrum of perspectives on Israel’s unique challenges and successes. It will be a wonderful adventure that will surely only enrich a sense of each of our Jewish identities. We look forward to sharing our daily photos on facebook (you don’t have to be on facebook to check out our photos!) and reporting back to you when we return in about two weeks.


Rabbi Amy Schwartzman

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  1. Hi Amy: Wishing you and all the other travelers in our TRS family a safe trip. From past experience, I know it will be one of fun and friendship, discovery and spiritual renewal. I’m jealous! Hugs, Debbie

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