TRS Tents

Join or Start a TRS Tent!

Let’s Get Together. . .

Whether you’d just like to

  • get together to nosh and schmooze,
  • play a few hands of poker,
  • take advantage of a glorious fall day and get your bikes out,
  • head out for a nice, invigorating run while the kids are in religious school,
  • or you are just curious about your ancestors and where they came from

…there are other TRSers who’d love to join you!

So… how do you find fellow schmoozers, poker players, cyclists, runners, orresearchers?

Temple Rodef Shalom is pleased to announce TRS Tents… a new initiative to help our members connect with each other and enjoy shared interests and activities.

Click Here for a full listing of TRS Tents!

Any TRS member (or Nursery School family) can propose a Tent group!
Any TRS member (or Nursery School family) can participate in a Tent group!

IT’S AS EASY AS 1*2*3…

  1. E-mail Hannah Ehlers with your idea for a TRS Tents group.  It’s that quick and easy!
  2. If you have an idea for an activity, contact Hannah Ehlers. Once approved, you’ll be the activity or event “host” and your event description, date, time and place will be shared with your TRS Tents group!