My Rodef Shalom Community

When we walk in the door at TRS we are greeted by people we know, asking if we are going to be in the Megillah again this year or if we are coming to the next Koleinu practice, Beit Café, or Renaissance gathering. TRS gives us an opportunity to share our talents, make good friends, and feel the spiritual oneness and continuity that comes from worshipping together. In 2002, Nancy, newly widowed, returned to Northern Virginia after years overseas. She joined TRS because she needed its Next-Step support group as well as a community to replace the close-knit diplomatic one she had lost. How fortunate was she, five years later, to discover that Rick felt similarly welcomed by TRS despite not having been raised Jewish. We both shared in the running of Renaissance and acted in the Megillah before we even married! Since marrying in 2008, we continue to find TRS a significant part of our social, cultural, and spiritual life.

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