Support Groups

Contact for
Support Groups:

(703) 532-2217, ext.301

Anita Thornton
Director of Caring and Inclusion

“Next Step” Group (for widows/widowers)

This support/education/discussion group is for TRS widows and widowers who are beyond the initial stages of bereavement (i.e., post 6-12 months). Discussions focus on the practical, emotional, and social issues related to moving ahead with life as a single widowed person. This is not a drop-in group. Please contact Anita Thornton for more information or if you wish to join.

TRS Breast Cancer Network

This is an informal network of TRS women who are affected by breast cancer, including those who are currently in treatment and those who are post-treatment for any length of time. The group meets periodically, generally for dinner, to share experiences, information and resources, to support one another, and to simply be together. In addition, members of the network are available to reach out to other TRS members who are newly diagnosed with breast cancer to offer support, information and resources as they cope with the trauma and decisions this disease involves. If you or someone you know in the TRS congregation could benefit from participating in this network, please contact Anita Thornton.