Summer at TRS

Service Theme: Yiddishkeit

Each summer our clergy explore a theme during our Erev Shabbat services. This summer we will look at the meaning and manifestations of Yiddishkeit. Although Yiddishkeit literally means Jewishness or a Jewish way of life, it has come to be associated with the culture and customs of Yiddish speaking Ashkenazic Jews. Yiddishkeit encompasses – but is not limited to – Jewish foods, humor, music, and literature.

Neal Gabler notes that “You really can’t define Yiddishkeit neatly in words or pictures. You sort of have to feel it by wading into it. The feeling, of course, is largely a function of language. Yiddish may be the most onomatopoeic language ever created. Everything sounds exactly the way it should: macher for a self-appointed big shot, shlmiel for the fellow who spills the soup and shlmazel for the poor guy who gets the soup spilled on him, putz for an active louse, shnorer for a freeloader, nudnick for a pest. The expressiveness is bound into the language, and so is a kind of ruthless honesty. There is no decorousness in Yiddish, nor much romance. It is raw, egalitarian, vernacular.”

Join us this summer as we wade into the wonderful stew that is Yiddishkeit!

6:30 PM Service Time

Please note that the start time of our Shabbat Evening Service is 6:30 PM from June through Labor Day.

Our Outside Sanctuary

Together we will spend Shabbat enjoying the summer weather and the beauty of our own TRS property! Weather permitting, the Shabbat Evening Service held on the last Friday of June, July, and August will be in the amphitheater at Bunny’s Place, located near the lower level parking lot.  If the weather is above 85 degrees or it is raining at 4:00 PM, check the website calendar for a final decision on location.

Lay-Led Torah Study

During July and August, our active Torah Study group that meets Saturday mornings at 9:00 AM takes a break from their study of the Torah verse by verse. TRS members lead the spirited discussions, delving into a topic of choice, voted on by the group, for the entire summer. As of this printing, the topic was still being hashed out so come on by to find out what we’re up to! The conversations are always interesting with a variety of opinions and perspectives shared. Drop-ins are encouraged and more than welcome. A light nosh of bagels and coffee is offered.