Social Action Meet Up

Co-Chairs of
Social Action:

Karen Hendrixson

Jeffrey Levy

Join other TRS members in social action!  Register for Meetup-TRS Social Action – it’s free and it connects you with the wider TRS community interested in pursuing social service and/or social justice together.   We want to use it to organize tikkun olam for all of TRS, not just the Social Action Committee:  whether it’s volunteering or advocating for justice, TRS is full of good works and acts of loving kindness.  Our whole congregation is dedicated to social action. is a social networking site, and the TRS Social Action Group lets members of any TRS committee advertise social action activities.  All TRS members can sign up for each activity, see who else is coming, discuss, share photos, and more.


1) Go to and click “sign up” in the upper right corner.

Now you have an account on the website and can join specific Meetup groups, but you’re not yet in the TRS Social Action group.

2) Go to our TRS Meetup group: and click the button to join the group (in the upper right corner).  You can get more help here:

Now you’re a member of our group and can sign up for events (and you’ll get an email when new events are added).

TRS Social Action is a closed group, for TRS members only.

3) Look at the events offered and click the “RSVP” button on any that you want to attend.  If you want to bring someone else, just click the buttons for +1, +2, etc.