Shabbat Worship Survey


Worship Survey Now Available

Dear Members of TRS,

We strive to ensure all congregants find meaningful worship services at Temple Rodef Shalom. This spring, we are undertaking a series of activities to gather information from congregants on how to best make worship meaningful. A Temple-wide survey is one of those activities.

Your input and opinions are important. We, along with lay leaders of our congregation, will use your responses to help us better serve the needs of our congregation. All of your responses are confidential. The answers collected from this survey will be presented as a whole, so individual responses will not be identifiable.

Each adult or teen (age 13 and up) in your household should complete the survey individually.

It should take about 15-20 minutes to complete the survey. Once you begin, please finish the entire survey. If you stop halfway through and then return later to complete, you will need to start over at the beginning in order to make sure that all of your answers are recorded.

Take the survey.

If you would prefer to complete the survey on paper, using a printed survey form, you can either:

If you do this, please return it to:
Worship Survey
c/o Temple Rodef Shalom
2100 Westmoreland St.
Falls Church, VA 22043

Thank you for helping us to improve this central aspect of our sacred community.

Rabbi Amy Schwartzman
Cantor Michael Shochet
Rabbi Jeffrey Saxe
Cantor Rachel Rhodes
Rabbi Stephanie Bernstein