Seeds LogoThe New Year is a time for reflection, growth, renewal, forgiveness and planning for moving forward. During the month of August, in preparation for the holidays, Seeds offers you the opportunity to explore through many different avenues, these concepts and offers ideas for growing your knowledge of and connection to the holidays.

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Below you’ll find a list of helpful information, links to resources, and interesting tidbits about the holidays. This is Seeds central so make sure to visit often as updates are made daily!

Jewels of Elul

Jewels is an annual project meant to evoke introspection and inspiration during the Hebrew month of Elul (begins August 7 this year). Each year a diverse group of 29 distinguished individuals is compiled, corresponding to the 29 days of the month of Elul, to write 300 words sharing their perspective about a topic that holds meaning for all of us. This year’s theme is “the art of welcoming,” and with writers like chairwoman of Women of the Wall Anat Hoffman, legendary musician Quincy Jones, director of Limmud Clive Lawton, readers are sure to be engaged and enriched. There are over 500,000 people who read Jewels of Elul every year, be one of them this year.  Sign on today here.

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We’ve got a full line up of Guest Bloggers who will offer their insights on the holidays: Sam Simon, Gayle Jo Carter, Abe Dattner, Norma Tucker, Edie Alexander, Linda Disselkamp and others! Comments are encouraged!

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What will the Maccabeats do this year? There are always great videos of shofar blowing among other videos—some serious and some funny and whacky—so make sure to tune in to the TRS YouTube site!

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