Seeds: Moving Forward

A Poem by Edie Alexander

I have a lot going on right now and it does seem like I’m growing by taking charge of my future and making big decisions. I reflect often on my actions, what would Ed think? Would Ed approve? What would Ed do? And, like every other widow, I still talk to my old man.



Moving on…

I can’t wait to tell you,
The news of the day.
I found a small condo,
A new place to stay.

I can’t wait to tell you,
New neighbors I’ve met
From all different cultures
A warm, friendly set.

I can’t wait to tell you,
Swept out all the clutter,
But saved the old photos,
Your father, your mother…

I don’t want to tell you,
The lingering fear
Of leaving the memories,
We’ve made here.

I know I can’t tell you
Of the days of my life
But I think of you often,
you’d listen then smile,
And say… it’s all right.

(This photo is of the entrance of my home, which is up for sale – one of the big decisions I’ve made in moving forward.)

5 comments on “Seeds: Moving Forward

  1. Dear Edie – I just love your poem – and, as a widow, I too speak with my old man frequently. And he answers too. I feel very secure that Ed is with you the whole way – lending support and continuous love as you create a path in your new future. Trust that all will work out . . . and it will.

  2. I’m having dinner tonight with a friend who is a young widow. Your poem is lovely and you are thoughtful to share it with all of us. I am glad to see you are moving on.

  3. What an eloquent, moving tribute to life and to enduring love. Thanks, Edie, for sharing your journey.

  4. Edie, you never cease to amaze me.
    It only makes sense that as a linguist, you would also be versed in poetry (pun intended). Your gentle poignant way of expressing the daunting decision to move on, now all by yourself, brings a tear

  5. Edie, I just happened to find this lovely poem. I didn’t even know you when you wrote it but it spoke to me as if we have known each other for years, thinking the same thoughts and sharing the trials of life. You express my thoughts so eloquently too.

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