Rodef Reads: Fasting Buddies & the Minor Fasts

A fast can be more meaningful. . .and easier than you think. Find a Rodef Reads Fast Buddy. Create and share a unique fast.

In My Jewish Year: 18 Jewish Holidays and One Wondering Jew, (pp. 126 and 163-166), Abigail Pogrebin writes about four minor fasts: the Fast of Gedaliah (marking the assassination of the last Jewish governor after the fall of the First Temple); 10 Tevet (marking the Babylonian siege of the First Temple); 17 Tammuz (recalling the day the Romans breached the walls of the Second Temple) and Ta’anit Esther (commemorating Esther’s fast in preparation to confront her husband). In keeping with its selection of My Jewish Year for TRS’ Rodef Reads (RR) initiative, the RR Committee is offering the Congregation an innovative way to celebrate one, two, three or all four of the minor fasts.

With the expert assistance of Cantor Allen Leider, we are creating a package of study materials related to each of the fasts. We also are providing a list of ways to identify a Fast Buddy, a person with whom you can share the dawn to dusk experience in ways particularly significant – spiritually, religiously, intellectually meaningful to the two of you.

For example:

  • Work with the study materials
  • Take a long, beautiful walk
  • Visit a river or other body of water
  • Talk about what makes fasting difficult and why Jews do it
  • Talk about what fasting accomplishes for each of you
  • Create your own special experiences

Rodef Reads are all around us. Don’t be shy! Just ask!

  • Someone in Torah Study
  • Someone in your family
  • Someone in your Book Club
  • Someone you would like to get to know better or a good friend
  • Someone who serves with you on the Board of Directors
  • Someone on one of your Committees
  • Someone who is involved with the Women of TRS

There’s no time to waste! The fast of Gedaliah is on September 12.

Find a Fast Buddy now!

To Participate:

Please email Karen and Tena to tell them who your FAST BUDDY is so that we can send materials and be available for assistance.

Contacts: Karen Kaplan or Tena Nauheim,

Upcoming Fasting Dates:

December 18, 2018: Minor Fast “The Tenth of Tevet”
If you ate too many latkes, here’s your chance for a day of detox! The next minor fast, “The Tenth of Tevet,” is coming up on December 18th. Share it with a “Fast Buddy” for an even easier, more meaningful experience! Check out the Rodef Reads Study Guide below to learn about being a “Fast Buddy” and finding significance in the minor fasts.

If you’re new to fasting, this is a great time to try it—the minor fasts last from sunrise to sunset, and you get the added bonus of less daylight this time of year. Plus, Rodef Reads invites participants to a “Break-the-fast” at TRS at 5:30pm on December 18th. We’ll share our fasting experience while supping together! To participate, please contact Karen Kaplan and Tena Nauheim.

Study Materials:

Fast Buddies study guide – 10th of Tevet