Racial Justice

June 2, 2020: A message from the Clergy and Staff of Temple Rodef Shalom:

In the midst of the heartache we are all feeling from the most serious and devastating health crisis of the last century, we are horrified and sickened, once again, by the systemic racism that plagues our nation, by the dehumanization of people of color.

We mourn the senseless death of George Floyd, the most recent casualty in a long list of people of color along with others in disenfranchised communities who have suffered at the hands of racial and prejudicial hatred and oppression.

Tragically, the vital messages raised up during peaceful protests have been eclipsed by violence and vandalism. Tragically, businesses that serve our communities honorably have been destroyed. Tragically, the shocking bigotry of some law enforcement officers has overshadowed those who serve with fairness and devotion – including those who protect our Temple family.

But, we, as Jews, must go to this place of truth and discomfort, of rage and sorrow, of loss and potential. There, in that place of almost unbearable tension, will our hearts ache enough to act? To take even a small step towards righting what is wrong, changing the trajectory of injustice, serving the image of that which is sacred in us all?

Each and every effort to address the inequity in our society makes an impact. Each and every donation to an organization that fights for righteous transformation is valuable. Every letter written, every call made, every voice raised will move us closer to a world where the vulnerable are sheltered, the oppressed are lifted up, and all are devoted to justice and peace.

Each of us has agency to act. Let us do so today.

What can you do today?

  • Donate to one of the following organizations working for racial justice:
  • Be aware of your own prejudices and educate yourself about the toxic and pervasive racism in our culture, our institutions, our economy. Here is a list of suggestions compiled by activists Alyssa Klein and Sarah Sophie Flicker.
  • Support black and minority-owned vendors and small businesses.
  • Talk openly with your children about racism.
  • Learn to listen, deeply and mindfully, to those who have experienced racism.
  • Be in touch with your elected officials.
  • Speak up, stand up, and bear witness.
  • Love all people.

For additional resources, please see the links below:

To get involved with Temple Rodef Shalom’s Social Action Activities, please click here.