Program Planning

Contacts for

Cookie Mandell
Director of Membership Engagement, ext.304

Hannah Ehlers
Engagement Associate, ext.111

Kam Hodge
Communications Manager, ext.306


If you have any questions or need assistance with program planning, please contact Cookie Mandell, Director of Membership Engagement.


The first step in scheduling a meeting or program at TRS is to get approval from your committee chair or auxiliary leadership. Once you have approval from your committee or auxiliary, request a date and time on our calendar.

Booking requests for FY22 (July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022) are now being accepted. Please fill out this calendar request form.

Please contact your liaison or Cookie Mandell, Director of Membership Engagement, with any special requests once the form has been submitted.

Meeting or Program?

Our calendar request form asks “is this a meeting or a program”. We ask this question to help staff understand what level of promotion or support you may need.

Meeting – A limited gathering of temple members and non-members for the purpose of planning an activity, discussing Temple or committee business (budgets, nominations, scheduling, leadership development), or accomplishing administrative tasks supporting a Temple goal (task force, working group, sub-committee, focus group). These meetings may happen once or reoccur.

Examples: Nominating Committee, WoTRS Board Meeting, Gun Violence Prevention Working Group, Volunteer Coordination Meeting, Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Task Force, Endowment Committee, Millennial Engagement Task Force, Book Club Planning Meeting

Program – An activity open to selected or general members or non-members that recruits or invites participation from the community to create a shared community experience. These programs may happen once or reoccur.

Examples: Beit Midrash, Community Conversations, Get Out the Vote Post Card Writing, Feed ‘Em Fridays, Hot Shabbat, MoTRS Brunch on the Town, Ladies Night: Out/In, Soup Caravan 1, A Wick and A Flick, Social Action Potluck and Havdalah, Book Discussion, TRS Tents: Grape Expectations.


Download the Connection Submissions Format

Download the FY22 Connection Deadlines (July 2021 – June 2022)

If you have a question regarding the Connection, please contact Kam Hodge, Communications Manager.

Inclusion Guidelines

Have you wondered how to make your program more inclusive? The TRS Inclusion Committee has created guidelines on how to make your event accessible to the widest possible audience. There are many other ways you can make your event more inclusive when hosting a program at TRS. Contact Jessica Ingram, Executive Director, to learn more about TRS’s efforts to be an accessible and inclusive community.

PowerPoint Guidelines for Low Vision

Room Set-up Guidelines for Event Spaces