President’s Update on Clergy Team Expansion

In my remarks on Rosh Hashanah, I stated that we needed to expand the size of our clergy team. Over the past few months, Temple leadership and the clergy have held discussions with our Board, the senior staff, and congregants about the ways in which our community could benefit from having more clergy. We have also analyzed the budgetary implications of a larger team. As a result, the Board has approved going forward with an expansion. And after input from these discussions, and further analysis by our current full-time clergy, we have decided to hire a full-time Assistant Cantor. This would be in addition to our current team of three full-time clergy and an adjunct (part-time) Rabbi. As time is now very short for us to post our job opening, a search committee has been formed, with Cory Amron and Curt Ritter as co-chairs. However, this committee would like to hear from you about the characteristics you would like to see in an Assistant Cantor. Soon, there will be communication on how you can convey your thoughts. I am very excited that we have this opportunity to expand our clergy team and provide the benefits that congregants have been looking for — even more connection with the clergy, expanded learning opportunities, greater youth engagement, and longer-term pastoral work.

Andy Joskow
TRS President, email


2 comments on “President’s Update on Clergy Team Expansion

  1. good outcome, Andy–
    I’d like the committee to consider the professional attributes Tracey Sherr brought to TRS and include those in search documents and interview dialogue. In that dialogue – to feel out the unstated — someone, approachable and engaging.

  2. Thanks Norma! We will definitely include those kinds of attributes in our search documents, and we will try to tease them out in our interviews. Thanks very much for your support.


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