Let’s Play!

Free Play, Activities, and Celebrations for TRS and TRSNS Kids and Families

Are you looking for a fun, convenient way for your kid(s) to run around in an open space, burn off some energy, and see friends on a Sunday afternoon, especially when the weather isn't cooperating? 

Join Fellow TRS and TRSNS Families for a Playdate!

TRS is pleased to announce the formation of our new TRS playdate program!  "Let's Play!" is open to all TRS and TRSNS families.  We'll always have free play, and sometimes also an activity, craft, or holiday celebration. 

Suggested audience: Parents and kids ages 0 through 7, & beyond if you wish.  Siblings, caretakers, and other family members welcome, too!

  • Drinks always provided and occasionally food; please feel free to bring snacks for your family. 
  • Please also feel free to bring toys to use, and maybe share.  (TRS asks that no scooters, bikes, trikes, or metal wheels be used in the Social Hall, please.)

We look forward to seeing you there!  We also welcome your input on this new program, whose goal is to offer an opportunity for fun, and for kids and families to build and enjoy friendships and their community.  Questions, thoughts, ideas, or to volunteer to help:  Contact Dana Milburn or Michelle Light; their contact info can be found in the Temple Directory found in our Member Area.