At-Home B’nai Mitzvah Service

You can expect the following in an AT-HOME service:

  1. Service times remain the same as stated previously: 10:15 am for the “A” student and 11:45 for the “B” student.
  2. You will have a choice of what type of streaming platform you’d like to use when you fill out the form at the link below.
  3. We have ritual objects that we can let you use for your at-home service. These items include a Torah, green screen, podium, music stand, microphone, prayerbooks, tallitot, etc. A full list is in the link below.
  4. There will be a rehearsal on zoom two weeks prior to the service, and a final rehearsal on zoom the week of the service. Zoom links will be sent to you


Friday Night Participation:
At this time, our students are not participating in our Friday night virtual services, however, we will show their picture and announce them on Friday night.


  1. Generally, the Cantor assigned to your service will lead the first rehearsal via Zoom about 2 weeks before the service.
  2. Generally, the Rabbi assigned to your service will lead the final rehearsal via Zoom the week of the service.


Decisions that YOU have to make:

    • Aliyah Honors and Grandparent Information
      • Please use the on-line form below to tell us who will be doing the Aliyah honors at your service, and if there are grandparents.
    • Deciding what Ritual Objects You Want to Borrow from the Temple
      • Click here to open the Ritual Objects Decision Tree PDF to read about the choices you have of ritual objects including a Torah, Green Screen, lighting, etc… One you have decided, please let us know in the on-line form we need you to complete below.
    • Pages to Print prior to your first rehearsal:

Decision Time: please complete this form AFTER reading the above bullet points

  • CLICK HERE to go to an on-line form to let us know the answers to all the above questions. This form needs to be completed at least 1 month before your service date, if not sooner.