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Contact for
B'Nai Mitzvah:

Julie Kaplan
(703) 532-2217, ext.313


We look forward to you joining us for a morning or afternoon service in our synagogue. The big difference from a regular service is that someone you know will be helping to lead the congregation in worship! The Bar or Bat Mitzvah is the person you are coming to see, and you will see them read from the Torah, lead the congregation in worship, and even give a speech, an interpretation of the scripture that they will read.

Bar or Bat Mitzvah means Son or Daughter of the Commandment and is a lifecycle ceremony that symbolizes the coming of age from childhood to adulthood. It signifies the recognition by the young man or woman that he or she becomes responsible to God for his or her commandment: moral and religious actions that are a part of the Jewish tradition.

The worship service is conducted in Hebrew and English, using a prayerbook which has translations and interpretations of all the Hebrew that is recited in our service. There will be lots of music, and we hope you will feel comfortable singing along with our congregation, cantor and choir.

The service is led by our clergy, a rabbi and cantor. Just like in any other House of Worship, worshippers are encouraged to read and sing along with them at various times during the service. Decorum is expected in our sanctuary during the worship service, and no photography, cell phones or pagers are permitted.

Typically, our morning services begin at 10:30 am and afternoon services at 5:00 pm. Services generally last 1 1/2 hours.

To get here, just use the link at the left for Directions to TRS, which also has a street map.

Once again, welcome!