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Torah & Haftarah Recordings:

Book Torah Portion Part Box Link
Genesis Breisheet A
Genesis Breisheet B
Genesis Noah A
Genesis Noah B
Genesis Lech L’cha A
Genesis Lech L’cha B
Genesis Vayera A
Genesis Vayera B
Genesis Chayei Sarah A
Genesis Chayei Sarah B
Genesis Toledot A
Genesis Toledot B
Genesis Vayeitze A
Genesis Vayeitze B
Genesis Vayishlach A
Genesis Vayishlach B
Genesis Vayeshev A
Genesis Vayeshev B
Genesis Miketz A
Genesis Miketz B
Genesis Vayigash A
Genesis Vayigash B
Genesis Vayehi A
Genesis Vayehi B
Exodus Shemot A
Exodus Shemot B
Exodus Vaera A
Exodus Vaera B
Exodus Bo A
Exodus Bo B
Exodus Beshallach A
Exodus Beshallach B
Exodus Yitro A
Exodus Yitro B
Exodus Mishpatim A
Exodus Mishpatim B
Exodus Terumah A
Exodus Terumah B
Exodus Tetzaveh A
Exodus Tetzaveh B
Exodus Ki Tisa A
Exodus Ki Tisa B
Exodus Vayakheil A
Exodus Vayakheil B
Exodus Vayakheil-Pekudei A
Exodus Vayakheil-Pekudei B
Exodus Pekudei A
Exodus Pekudei B
Leviticus Vayikra A
Leviticus Vayikra B
Leviticus Tzav A
Leviticus Tzav B
Leviticus Tzav Single A
Leviticus Shemini A
Leviticus Shemini B
Leviticus Tazria A
Leviticus Tazria B
Leviticus Metzorah A
Leviticus Metzorah B
Leviticus Tazria-Metzorah A
Leviticus Tazria-Metzorah B
Leviticus Acharei Mot A
Leviticus Acharei Mot B
Leviticus Kedoshim A
Leviticus Kedoshim B
Leviticus Acharei Mot Kedoshim A
Leviticus Acharei Mot Kedoshim B
Leviticus Emor A
Leviticus Emor B
Leviticus Behar A
Leviticus Behar B
Leviticus Bechukotai A
Leviticus Bechukotai B
Leviticus Behar-Bechukotai A
Leviticus Behar-Bechukotai B
Numbers Bamidbar A
Numbers Bamidbar B
Numbers Naso A
Numbers Naso B
Numbers Behaalotecha A
Numbers Behaalotecha B
Numbers Shelach L’cha A
Numbers Shelach L’cha B
Numbers Korach A
Numbers Korach B
Numbers Chukat A
Numbers Chukat B
Numbers Balak A
Numbers Balak B
Numbers Pinchas A
Numbers Pinchas B
Numbers Matot A
Numbers Matot Massay/Massay A
Numbers Matot Massay/Massay B
Deuteronomy Devarim A
Deuteronomy Devarim B
Deuteronomy Vaetchanan A
Deuteronomy Vaetchanan B
Deuteronomy Ekev A
Deuteronomy Ekev B
Deuteronomy Reeh A
Deuteronomy Reeh B
Deuteronomy Shoftim A
Deuteronomy Shoftim B
Deuteronomy Shoftim Single A
Deuteronomy Ki Tetze A
Deuteronomy Ki Tetze B
Deuteronomy Ki Tavo A
Deuteronomy Ki Tavo B
Deuteronomy Nitzavim/Nitzavim-Vayelech A
Deuteronomy Nitzavim/Nitzavim-Vayelech B
Deuteronomy Vayelech A
Deuteronomy Vayelech B
Deuteronomy Ha’azinu A
Deuteronomy Ha’azinu B
Deuteronomy V’zot HaBrachah A
Deuteronomy V’zot HaBrachah B
Holiday Chol Hamoeid Sukkot A
Holiday Chol Hamoeid Sukkot B

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