Fees and Other Information


The Temple’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah fee of $1,800 is collected in two installments of $900. We ask that you pay the first installment just prior to the start of tutoring (8 months before your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah ceremony) and the second installment 2 months before the ceremony. All payments are made directly to the Temple. You can pay on-line through this link, or print out the payment form on this page and send in a check with it.

The Bar/Bat Mitzvah fee pays for 18 Bar/Bat Mitzvah tutoring sessions, materials, as well as offsets some of the expenses associated with the costs of operating the synagogue for the Bar and Bat Mitzvah service. In addition, this fee contributes toward the Oneg Shabbat reception following the Friday evening services and the bimah flowers.

In the event that tutoring needs to extend past 18 sessions, your tutor must have you sign an acknowledgement form, so that you know you will be billed for additional sessions. Each session is billed at $45 per session beginning with the 19th session. Regular Religious School tuition is due since Bar/Bat Mitzvah candidates are required to attend school during the preparation period.

No child or family is denied the privilege of celebrating a Bar/Bat Mitzvah for financial reasons. If this is cause for concern, please contact Executive Director Jessica Ingram, at 703-532-2217, ext. 300 or email, well in advance of your simcha, and special arrangements will be made.


Temple Rodef Shalom streams a live feed of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah service over the internet so that it can be seen on our own website, as well as on Apple TV, Roku and YouTube. This will allow your family and friends who can not make it to TRS, watch the service live, or at a later time.

They simply go to this page: www.templerodefshalom.org/live in their internet browser at the time of the service, or after the service. The video stream stays in our video archive for the 90 days.

At this time, we are also providing a professionally produced digital video to all families free of charge. You will be emailed an MP3 of the video the week following your service.


Our building offers many options for receptions, parties, luncheons or other meals. Many rentals have already been arranged for this year and the next. If you are interested in holding your simcha at the Temple, please call or email Laura Rosh, Office Manager, to reserve the date as soon as possible. Caterers must be in touch with Laura Rosh at least two months prior to the Bar/Bat Mitzvah date to review building and kitchen policies, provide a certificate of insurance and to request tables and chairs. All inquires should be made through Laura by calling 703-532-2217, ext. 305. When planning menus, please keep in mind that shellfish and pork products are not permitted in the Temple.


Over the years we have developed several traditions at Temple Rodef Shalom that encourage and enable families to prepare for their simcha. Ushering at a service prior to your Shabbat service enables you to become more acquainted with the logistics of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah service, and at the same time, help another family on the day their child celebrates their Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

Families are requested to usher during one Shabbat morning or afternoon service in the months preceding your family’s celebration. To sign up to usher, go to this web page. For questions concerning ushering, please contact Julie Kaplan, Clergy Assistant at 703-532-2217 ext 313, or email her.

On the day you have signed up to usher, please see our Director of Security, Clyde Hilliard, in the lobby area of the synagogue, for instructions.


Our Rabbis and Cantors are sensitive to the many different family structures that exist within our congregation. Care is taken to ensure that each family member feels comfortable throughout the service.

If there are other circumstances for which we should be aware, or questions you have about the service or our customs, please take the time to contact with Rabbi Schwartzman or Cantor Shochet to share your concerns. You may also speak to the Rabbi or Cantor at one of the rehearsals prior to your service.


For you and your child to prepare for his or her Bar/Bat Mitzvah, we encourage attending services, monthly at Temple Rodef Shalom. Your child should use these opportunities to fill out the service journal found in the Bar/Bat Mitzvah binder.

Friday night services take place at 6:30 pm on the first, third and fifth week’s of the month, and 8:00 pm on the second and fourth Fridays. Please note that all Friday night services from June through Labor Day begin at 6:30 PM. Saturday services begin at 10:30 am and on some weeks there is a Mincha (Afternoon) service at 5:00 pm. Here are some additional services we think you will enjoy:

Bo’i Shabbat is an alternative to the 6:30 PM Family Service between September through May. Boi Shabbat begins at 6:30 PM. It is a traditional Friday night service with an emphasis on music and occurs the first Friday of every month in the Merkaz Community Room (formerly Multi-Purpose Room).

Our Parallel Shabbat Morning Service occurs the third Saturday of every month, from September through June, in an intimate and informal setting. Generally, the Torah reading and D’var Torah are led by members of the congregation. A pot-luck vegetarian luncheon follows the service. These services are held in the Merkaz Community Room (formerly Multi-Purpose Room) at 10:30 AM.


Temple Rodef Shalom is pleased to provide another resource for your son or daughter in learning how to read or chant the Hebrew prayers, Torah and Haftarah portion.
An Israeli company, Kol Kore, has created a point & click computer program that operates on any internet browser to help your child learn their assigned Hebrew selections of the Service.

The Kol Kore program is based upon a complete sensory experience that drastically improves the student’s learning capability and absorption. The student can highlight the area she/he is interested in reading, from an area that spans one word up to the entire Torah aliyah. The Hebrew text is highlighted while its recording is sounded. This latent benefit allows the student to repeat any reading segment easily and endlessly, allowing non-musically inclined students to enjoy their learning experience as well.

The Hebrew punctuation and/or Trope, which can be shown in different colors, can be shown or hidden, thereby emulating the text as it is actually written in the Torah scroll itself. The English translation can be seen highlighted as the Hebrew is highlighted.Because the program is so simple and flexible, correct, yet traditional Torah reading habits are naturally instilled in the learner, from day one. Kol Kore uses the melodies of Temple Rodef Shalom, with the voice of Cantor Shochet and Cantor Rhodes for the chanting of the Torah and Haftarah portions as well as the prayers.

Once you choose to use the program, we will assign your child’s portion and prayers and send you an email with your login information, so that you can log in to your actual reading assignments. The program is free and intended to be used as a resource for students to supplement their tutoring. It is great for students who enjoy using computers to help in their at-home practicing. To order Kol Koreh, use this form.

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