What Your Child Leads at a Morning Service

On the FRIDAY NIGHT of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah (Erev Shabbat), your child:

  • Has the honor of sitting on the Bimah.
  • Helps dress the Torah if it is read.
  • Leads the Aleinu during the conclusion of the service.
  • Leads the congregation in the chanting of the Kiddush on the Bimah.

Saturday Morning Service Bar/Bat Mitzvah (10:30 am)

Student A (If single, student follows “A” part)

  • Yotzeir Or (praises God for creating light), read or chanted
  • Ahavah Rabbah – first & last lines (praises God for giving Israel the Torah), read or chanted
  • V’ahavta (performing Mitzvot), read or chanted

Student B

  • Adonai S’fatai Tiftach (preparing for the T’filah), read or chanted
  • Avot – Imahot (praises God for our ancestors), read or chanted
  • G’vurot (praises God for giving all life), read or chanted
  • Kad’sheinu (praises God for the Sabbath), read or chanted

Torah Reading

  • Torah blessings chanted
  • Approximately 10-14 verses of Torah, read or chanted in 3 aliyot.

Haftarah Reading

  • Haftarah blessings chanted. (If you have a partner, each student does one blessing.
  • Approximately 5 verses of Haftarah, chanted.

Personal Reflection Speech

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