Adult B’nai Mitzvah

Contact for
Rodef Chochma:

Julie Kaplan
(703) 532-2217, ext.313

About Rodef Chochma

The Rodef Chochma (Pursuer of Wisdom) program is Temple Rodef Shalom’s version of a group Adult B’nai Mitzvah, an opportunity for adults to learn the skills to be called to the Torah. Each class member will read from the Torah and will also lead the congregation in prayer in a group Shabbat service.

Our program offers adults a unique opportunity to gain an introduction to Jewish thought, practice and ritual. Classes are held about twice a month and are taught by our clergy.  Topics include liturgy and prayer, holidays, lifecycle, theology, Reform Judaism, etc. In addition, students work on their Hebrew reading ability in concurrent or private classes and/or tutorial sessions. The Hebrew component is a separate component to the Rodef Chochma curriculum. The class is designed to create community through learning, mitzvot and social opportunities.