Kaddish Practices at TRS

Judaism requires us to say Kaddish for our closest family members – our parents, our spouses, our siblings and our children. We are permitted to say Kaddish for anyone we choose, however reciting Kaddish for the primary family members listed above is considered a religious obligation.

Beginning January 2017, we will make some small changes to align ourselves more closely with Jewish tradition. While we will continue to keep all of the names that you have asked us to remember in our system, we will separate out those for whom we are required to say Kaddish from those for whom we are not required to say Kaddish. Members will continue to receive announcements of the yahrzeit date for every deceased relative in their membership file. However, the list read from the bema on Shabbat evening will only include the names of primary family members. All of our members will continue to have the chance to recite those secondary names themselves after our list is read. Also, in keeping with our long-standing tradition, all names that are remembered through plaques will continue to be part of the Kaddish list in the program regardless of their relationship to a member of the congregation.

Attached please find a FAQ page that you may want to keep handy with information about reciting Kaddish.