Israel: Top of the Charts




Hatikvah 6: “Achi Yisraeli”


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This reggae-inspired song is a list of what makes Israel, Israel. It’s funny, truthful, and also somewhat satirical. The video takes you on a virtual tour of Israel that the cultural quirks that make it unique. Check out the rest of their CD as well, it’s really good!

Here is a rough translation of the words:
India, South America is the most Israeli
Outsider kids in the kibbutz is the most Israeli
Pogs, pennies, popsicles on tax night
“I speak but” not enough is the most Israeli

Bamba, bamba, gum and chalva,
From Tel-Aviv to Ben Gurion,
Shekel, shnekel, oy, Kapara!
Erik Einstein is the best!
Forward march, forward Hi-Tech, for the police dial 0-1-1
Checkers, checkers, beach ping-pong
We love you, Shimon Peres!
A new evening, cold watermelon
That way and no other!
Paratrooper army unit, Arak
We have no other land!
Red Sea, Dead Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Sea of Galilee
Sunday nights on Saturday that keeps on coming back
A traffic jam on holidays with a Kiveret album
Another World Cup but without the Israeli team


From Halfon Hill to a lemon popsicle
Who is bothering Miko?
Give hummus french-fries salad and radish
But with a Cola zero or diet
And don’t forget the clapping when the plane lands
And if the line is long just go to the front
Right they promised that when we were big there would be no army?
Everybody stands up to sing the national anthem
Turkish coffee and Belgian waffles, the most Israeli
Also a French kiss and a Greek dance
A Swedish key and Scottish whiskey a Spanish burger
And Nakhman Meuman is the most Israeli-collect call!


It will be okay-I’m unpacking merchandise
It will be okay-if there is no choice use Waze
It will be okay-Obama will help
It will be okay-and G-d will watch over us
It will be okay-we’ll try
It will be okay-there is the Iron Dome
It will be okay-the whole song is original
It will be okay- but it’s a folk tune
It will be okay

Yonatan Razel: D’ror Yikra


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Yonatan Razel has become famous for his incredibly poignant and beautiful settings of our ancient text and liturgy. The resurgence of pop music using this text is indicative Israel’s attempt to make Judaism a modern and relevant part of daily existence. Listen to more of his music if you have a chance, I also love the song “Ashira  LaShem.”

View the translation of the words

Gimzu Blues Band: The Ballad of Rabbi Rachumi and his Wife


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The Gimzu Blues Band is an entirely unique experience one would only encounter. It’s not every day that you hear a song written in a language, in this case Aramaic, that’s been dead for thousands of years! The band is interested in setting texts from the Talmud to blues music.

Here is a translation of the text:

“Rav Rachumi was always found studying before Rava in Machoza. He would regularly come home on the eve of each Yom Kippur. One day, his study drew him in. His wife was expecting him: “Here he comes… Here he comes…” He did not come. She became upset. She shed a tear from her eye. He was sitting on a roof. The roof fell from under him. And he died.” (Ketubot 62b)

I encourage you to keep exploring the wonderful world of Israeli music. Let me know if you want more suggestions, I’m happy to speak with you about it!

Happy Israeli Independence Day,
Cantor Rachel Rhodes