Guidelines for In-Person Gatherings: Outdoors Only

This checklist is intended for anyone planning a Temple-sanctioned in-person program or event. Please review this guidance and ensure you are able to comply with the guidelines before planning or scheduling an event. There should be two people designated to take responsibility for implementing this checklist.

  • Events are limited to 25 people. Any event that includes participants under the age of 18 requires 1 chaperone for every 10-12 people under 18. We cannot, under any circumstances, exceed this number.
  • Reasonable attempts will be made by hosts to accommodate those who can not participate in in-person activities (e.g., including a virtual option, if possible, or an at-home version of the event).
  • The host is responsible for complying with Temple program procedures including completing the Calendar Request Form. Please contact Nathan Smuckler for more information.
  • Online event registration, in advance of the program, is required. Online registration should collect attendees’ first and last names, mobile phone numbers, and email addresses.
  • All participants must register in advance. No walk-in participants may attend.
  • No shared food or drink is permitted. Personal food and beverage consumption is discouraged.
  • If outdoor space at TRS is requested, only one event may be held at a specific time. If there are multiple events booked in TRS’ outdoor spaces in a day, all hosts must allow adequate time (we recommend 1 hour) between events for cleaning. (Drive-through or contactless “events” where people are picking up materials for a virtual program are exempt.)
  • All participants must maintain a minimum of 6 foot physical distance from people outside their immediate household. Hosts are encouraged to employ physical distance markers during the event such as tape, circles drawn out, or other markers (parking lot lines, picnic blankets, or cones) to clearly define the space needed for physical distancing.
  • All participants are required to wear masks for the duration of the event. (Mask guidance is also available on our website here.)
  • Singing should be kept to a minimum and ideally conducted only by clergy or the songleader. If singing is necessary, then there must be additional risk mitigation: masks must remain on and physical distance must increase to 12 feet between each person or household.
  • Hosts should make sure that participants can safely enter and safely exit the space. Participants should not be put into close proximity with each other at any time. Hosts may find it necessary to monitor participants as they enter/exit especially in situations like the bridge in Bunny’s Place.
  • Many parks, picnic areas, and other outdoor spaces suitable for gathering may have restricted access to restrooms. Participants should exercise extreme caution in using restroom facilities by wearing masks and washing hands thoroughly.

*There are some groups of people who for medical reasons might not be able to wear masks. We encourage those who cannot wear masks, and those who are at  elevated risk to join us virtually. Per CDC guidelines, these groups include children under the age of 2 or anyone who has trouble breathing, is unconscious, incapacitated, or otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance.