Is the building expansion for future growth or for us now?

While the new spaces will help us in the future, we need the room NOW, to accommodate the demands of our current 1,700-family congregation. Our congregation has nearly doubled in size since our last renovation.

When will we break ground? When will the new spaces be ready?

We expect to break ground right after the High Holy Days in 2018. Construction will take between 12-18 months to complete, if all goes smoothly.

How will the expansion improve my experience at TRS?

Great question! It depends on what you seek in your Temple Rodef Shalom experience.

If you are looking for a more intimate space for lifecycle events, contemplative worship, Bo’i Shabbat, and Parallel Shabbat services, our new smaller sanctuary will provide an alternative to our existing Sanctuary. If you find it difficult to book meeting space or find a place to sit and have a chat at TRS, our new meeting rooms and social spaces will alleviate crowding and create more opportunities for volunteer work, gatherings and conversations. If you have trouble parking at TRS, new parking spaces and bicycle parking will help reduce congestion. Your children will have additional and improved spaces to be together and further develop their Jewish identity. We will also be making accessibility improvements for easy wheelchair access, adding additional security features, and increasing the utility of our existing space with new storage areas and soundproofing.

Want to know more? Take a look at our case for support.

How will we pay for the building expansion and renovation?

We hope to afford the $16 million price tag with generous gifts from our current members through a Capital Campaign, publicly launched in November 2017. It’s greatly encouraging that we are already halfway to our goal! It’s important to note that half our present congregation were not here during the last renovation, and this will be their first opportunity to be a part of a capital campaign at TRS.

Can I spread my gift out over several payments?

Yes! To enable our members to make significant contributions to the campaign, we are allowing gifts to be made in annual payments spread over a period of up to five years.

May I make a gift of stock?

Absolutely! For most stock, it’s a very straightforward transfer from your account to the Temple’s account. This is particularly beneficial if you have appreciated stock, as directly transferring it to us means you do not pay tax on the capital gain. And you get to take the full value of the stock at time of transfer as a CHARITABLE DEDUCTION on your income taxes.

I am ready to make a pledge. What’s the next step?

Thank you! If you are making your gift in one payment, please write a check payable to Temple Rodef Shalom. If you are considering a multi-year gift, transferring stock or a more complex contribution of any kind, please call Hannah Moore, our Director of Philanthropy, at 703-676-3867 or email her here so we can help with the process. 

Can I make a bequest? Will it be part of the campaign?

Another good question. The campaign does have an Endowment component, which is built mainly through bequests. We hope to create a $3 million pipeline of bequests that will support the long-term stability of TRS. While these future gifts won’t go towards the current expansion, a bequest can count as a gift to the campaign under certain circumstances. Give Hannah a call for more information.

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