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Our Temple Library offers a special place to examine the values, beliefs, and hopes of the Jewish Community as it moves into the new millennium. Care is taken to select books which explore the the meaning of Jewishness and reflect the richness of Jewish heritage, culture, and intellect. The Library is open during Temple working hours and staffed Monday and Thursday mornings. We welcome inquiries and do our best to assist with special projects and requests.


Adult Nonfiction

*Bahat Carta, Dan.  The Illustrated Atlas of Jerusalem. Ref. 912.176 (1996).
*Collins, Larry and Lapierre, Dominique.  O Jerusalem!  909.824 (1972).
Dershowitz, Alan.   The Case for Israel.  956.94 (2003).
Dershowitz, Alan.  What Israel Means to Me. 956.94 (2006).
*Feiler, Bruce.  Walking the Bible: A Journey Through the Five Books of Moses.     915.6 (2001).
*Flusser, David  Jewish Sources in Early Christianity. 225.66 (1989).
*Friedman, Thomas L.  From Beirut to Jerusalem.  956.92 (1989).
Gilbert, Martin.  Israel:  A History.  956.94 (2008).
*Hertzberg, Arthur. The Zionist Idea: A Historical Analysis and Reader.  320.54 (1997).
Hoffman,  Lawrence A.   Israel a Spiritual Travel Guide.  915.694 (1998).
Laqueur, Walter.  A History of Zionism. 956.94 (2003).
*Meir, Golda.  My Life.   920.0 (1975).
*Oren, Michael B. Six Days of War:  June 1967 and the Making of the Modern Middle East .  956.04 (2002).
*Oz, Amos and de Lange ,Nicholas.  A Tale of Love and Darkness.  892.4 (2004).
*Sachar, Howard M.  A History of Israel from the Rise of Zionism to Our Time. 956.94 (1996).
*Sasson, H.H. Ben ed.   A History of the Jewish People.  296.09 (1976).
*Senesch, Hannah.  Hannah Senesh:  Her Life and Diary.  920.0 (2004).
Strober, Deborah Hart and Gerald S.  Israel at Sixty: An Oral History of a Nation Reborn.  956.94 (2008).

Adult Fiction

*Michener, James.  The Source. (1965).
*Shalev, Meir.   A Pigeon and a Boy: A Novel.  (2007).
*Uris, Leon.  Exodus. (1986).
The birth of Israel is at the center of this epic story.  One of the best-selling novels of all time.
*Weisel, Elie  Dawn. (1972).
*Wouk, Herman.  The Hope.  (1993).
Israel’s first 20 years told through the lives of three military families
*Wouk, Herman.  The Glory. (1994).
A sequel to The Hope.

Teen/Young Adult

Wolfman, Marv et al. Homeland:  The Illustrated History of the State of Israel. 956.94 W. (2007)
A graphic depiction of the highlights of Israel’s history. Gold Medal for Non-fiction. Young Adult Moonbeam Book Award winner.
Feiler, Bruce.  Walking the Bible:  And Illustrated Journey for Kids through the Greatest Stories Ever Told.  915.6 (2004)

Ages 9-12

Burstein, Chaya M.  A Kid’s Catalog of Israel.  956.94 (1988) YA.
Packed with facts about Israel, its people, history, geography, culture and archaeology, as well as recipes, crafts, and stories.
Gresko, Marcia J. Ticket to Israel. (2000) J.
Slavik, Diane.  Daily Life in Ancient and Modern Jerusalem. 956.94 S., 2001 YA.
A brief introduction to Jerusalem and its history.

Young Children

Abraham, Michelle.  My Cousin Tamar Lives in Israel. (2001), picture book, JP.
Sydney Taylor Book Award winner.
Bacon, Josephine ed..  All Israel:  A Catalog of Everything Israel. (1988) 915.694 YA.
Dietrick Ellen.  It’s Israel’s Birthday! PK, JP.
Children take an imaginary trip to Israel to celebrate Yom Ha-atzmaut.
Fontes, J.  Justine and Ron.  A to Z Israel.  (2003) J.
Gresko Marcia S. A Ticket to Israel. (2000) J.
A lively Look at Israel’s landscape, people, culture and history
Groner,Judye. Let’s Visit Israel.  2004 JP PK
Brightly illustrated board book introducing young children to visiting Israel
Groner, Judye. My First Hebrew Word Book. (2005) J.
Rivlin, Lilly.  Welcome to Israel. (2000) 956.94, ages 4-8.
Israeli children teach about Israel’s history, geography, and political, commercial and cultural life.
Rouss, Sylvia A.  Sammy Spider’s First Trip to Israel. (2002) J.
Everyone’s favorite Spider travels to Israel.
Sasek, M.   This is Israel. (2008) reprint, J.
Reprint from author’s “classic”  “this is” series, first published in 1962.
Sofer, B.  Kids Love Israel. (1996) 915.694.


Newspaper, also online at http://www.forward.com/
Magazine, also online at http://www.commentarymagazine.com/
Magazine for Jewish Teens. See “The Israel Issue” Sept/Oct 2009.  Also available online at http://www.jvibe.com


Israel: A Nation is Born. (VHS) Adult, (2003).
Hosted by Abba Ebon, this series chronicles the birth and development of the State of Israel.
Shalom Sesame: The Land of Israel. (VHS).
The Sesame Street Gang travel to Israel.
Tkuma:  The First Fifty Years. (VHS), Stephen Edwards, Ed. (1998).
Produced by the Israel Broadcasting Authority, these five episodes traces the story of Israel’s first 50 years.
Turn Left at the End of the World. (DVD) (2004), cataloged as Adult.  Hebrew with subtitles.

Interactive Maps and Tours

Eye on Israel   www.eyeonisrael.com
Israel Virtual Tour  http://israelvr.net/index.html
Gems in Israel   http://www.gemsinisrael.com/
The Jerusalem Mosaic   http://www.snunit.k12.il/njeru/open_screen2.htm
Provides a virtual tour of both contemporary and historic Jerusalem.
Jewish Virtual Library    www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org
Select the “Virtual Israel Experience.”
Not Just a Map   www.jafi.org.il/geo/map.htm
3D Israel   www.inisrael.com/3disrael/index.html

History and Culture

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs   http://www.mfa.gov.il/MFA
Provides facts about Israel, its education, culture, economy, society, land, people, health & social services, and science & technology. Select topic of interest from left toolbar.
Israel 21C   www.israel21c.com
Created by a California nonprofit organization, this website focuses on Israel’s contributions in a number of areas, including culture, healthcare, and technology.
Babaganewz   http://babaganewz.com
An educational, interactive site designed for Middle School students. Select “Israel Central.”
Jewish Webcasting   http://www.jewishwebcasting.com/
Produced by a California nonprofit organization, this site provides numerous web media links to webcasts, podcasts, radio and TV programs.
ShalomTV  http://www.shalomtv.com/
Cable television network that offers online access to programs about Israel.
Stephen Spielberg Jewish Film Archives     http://www.spielbergfilmarchive.org.il/
Hundreds of films accessible online.   Select “Virtual Cinema” from the home page, then “State of Israel” after the introduction page.


Israel Wonders   www.goisrael.com
The Israel Ministry of Tourism’s official site.
The Tel Aviv Guide   http://telavivguide.net/
Tourist information, including major sites, hotels and restaurants.
*Frommers   http://www.frommers.com/destinations/israel/0227010001.html
The popular travel guide provides free online information about planning a visit to Israel.
*OAG  http://www.oag.com/travel-guides/destination/israel/jerusalem/visiting-the-city/#content
Commercial site that includes free tourist information about  travel to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.
*Hello Israel http://www.helloisrael.net/
Israel travel and hotels guide.

*Recommended by Rabbi Schwartzman

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