Green Team

Chair of the
Green Team:

Geri Maskell


The Green Team seeks to incorporate and apply Jewish values and teachings in the pursuit of environmental protection and climate change goals. The committee believes that caring for the planet, and repairing the harm done by the overuse of resources, are essential components of Tikkun Olam, repairing our world. The Green Team respects our responsibility as Jews to hand down from generation to generation (l’dor v’dor) not only our values and tradition, but also to hand to future generations a healthy and sustainable world. The committee recognizes that changes in the use and distribution of scarce energy resources may disproportionately affect the most economically vulnerable in our society, and we therefore seek, within the broader tradition of Jewish social justice, to balance the pursuit of environmental policies with actions which mitigate any such adverse impact.

Learn more about our goals, organization, and operation below the calendar of events.

Join the TRS community of CSA Members!

Presented 2/8/2012

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the three farms we researched for Temple member participation in Community Supported Agriculture in the 2012 season. Due to the significant interest in CSA membership, and in the spirit of offering wider accommodation, we have decided to offer congregants the opportunity to sign up with any of the three farms we looked into: Stoney Lonesome Farm, Blenheim Organic Gardens, and Dragonfly Farms.  With each farm offering different pick-up locations and pick-up days, as well as variety in produce offerings and prices, there has been congregant interest in all of the farms.

This document contains details on each farm.

If you would like a full share or already have a partner for splitting a share, please sign up directly with the farm of your choice, using the following links:

Stoney Lonesome Farm

Blenheim Organic Gardens

Dragonfly Farms

If you would like a half-share and need help finding a partner, please email me with the farm and pick-up location you prefer so we can help match you up with another congregant with the same preferences. Once you have a partner you can sign up directly with the farm. When you sign up, please let the farm know of your TRS affiliation.

In addition, we would like to create a community of CSA members within the congregation to allow members to: share experiences about different CSAs, match up families seeking to share CSA memberships, get together for activities including visits to CSA farms, exchange recipes, help families unable to collect their CSA share on a given week, and much more.  We plan to create a TRS CSA listserv and maintain a current list of CSA members’ addresses/farms.  When you join one of the CSA programs, please email Geri Maskell or myself: to let us know about your involvement.


Jen Berenholz

Reform Judaism, You, and Climate Change

The Union for Reform Judaism (URJ), in its General Assembly, recently adopted a strong resolution on climate change and clean energy alternatives, calling for social action by congregations and members on these issues.  The URJ traced our sacred Jewish tradition for environmental stewardship and recognized “the unprecedented challenge of climate change due to greenhouse gas emissions.”  The Assembly resolved that the Reform Movement support domestic climate and energy policies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote “clean, safe, renewable sources of energy.”  The URJ specifically urged a call to action by congregations to raise awareness in the community of climate issues and to “take action toward integrating an ethic of environmental stewardship into every aspect of Jewish life.

Be a Member of our Cool Congregation!

Save Energy, Save Money, Save the Earth

Our Green Team is sponsoring a “Cool Congregations” green challenge to families in the TRS community – an opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint, be part of the “coolcongregation” of TRS, and save money. The TRS “Green Team” is a Temple committee seeking to incorporate and apply Jewish values and teachings in the pursuit of environmental protection and climate change goals.

We are looking for families willing to track and record their household energy usage, and who will pledge to reduce their energy consumption (and corresponding CO2 emissions) by 2% a year. We will provide the record sheets, the necessary information (how to compute CO2 emissions), energy-saving tips, ideas, and background assistance and support. You provide the commitment!

This is a pilot program for TRS, and is being offered in coordination with the “Cool Neighborhoods” program in Fairfax County (a spin-off from the “Cool Counties” initiative). We believe that this will be a fun project for the family, a valuable learning experience for all, a way to save money as well as energy, and a way to be part of a committed community promoting the value of Tikkun Olam – to heal the earth.

Interested? Get info and sign up with either of the TRS Green Team co-chairs.

Till & Tend: Growing Environmentalists

Breishit 2:15: “And the Lord God took the man and placed him in the Garden of Eden, to till it and to tend it.”

Till & Tend is a forum for TRS members to actively protect the environment.  Our goal is to promote the creation of organic gardens, and so reconnect with Jewish agricultural values, reduce greenhouse emissions and harmful chemicals, create a forum for fellowship, enhance environmental awareness, and, not incidentally, get really fresh veggies.  We are inspiring people to start organic gardens and then facilitating their creation; removing common obstacles, especially the space-time continuum.  Space concerns can be resolved by container gardening, using or creating community gardens, or by yard sharing.  Time can be addressed by volunteers helping others start gardens.  We’re also looking to help shelters start gardens and provide residents with fresh produce.

So, if you want to garden but don’t have the space, contact Till & Tend, and we’ll help you find a place.  Have space and want to share the gardening?  Contact Till & Tend, and we’ll help match you with someone to share the gardening.  A win-win, and you might make a gardening buddy.  Also, if you want to start Pe’ia gardens-where you donate a share of your garden’s produce to a food bank, let us know; we have arrangements for this too.

If you are interested, regardless of whether you garden, please contact Doug Ginsburg, email and see Till & Tend on Facebook.

Energy Saving Tips

How to Green your Cooking & Kitchen

Environmental Information

Local Stores that Accept Recycling

  • Whole Foods will take old corks, yogurt cup containers (no lids) that are at least no. 5, cell phones and their batteries (put in special container bin) and plastic and paper bags.
  • Aveda (cosmetics store in Pentagon City) will take plastic caps (the ones that have vertical ridges around the edge of the cap) like peanut butter and margarine caps, some medicine caps and anything else with vertical edges.
  • My Organic Market aka MOM’s  (3831 Mt Vernon Ave, in the Del Ray section of Alexandria) will take batteries (not alkaline), fluorescent light bulbs, this one may apply to some congregants or it can be passed on to your Christian friends– Old Christmas lights (you will receive a coupon for LED lights), compost, plastic and paper bags.
  • Batteries Plus in Bradless Shopping Center will take any rechargable batteries (phones, cameras, laptops, car).  No alkalline batteries like AA or AAA.
  • Home Depot will accept any kind of light bulbs and recharable batteries.