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Bob Schlossberg, President

There are many ways to get involved at Temple Rodef Shalom. Committees work in collaborative and dedicated effort with our clergy and professional staff on synagogue and community activities.  Below is a list of the committees and the role they play in our congregation.  If you are interested in being involved in any way in TRS, please contact the President of the congregation.


provides oversight and policy review with regard to the operation of the Temple Office and facilities, including the hiring and supervision of office personnel, and the obtaining of office volunteers.

Adult Education:

provides for the educational activities of the Congregation (except for those related to the religious school).  The goal of the Adult Education Committee is to increase the Congregation’s adult Jewish learning.

Archives and Library:

documents the history of the Temple.  It shall also be the duty of this Committee to oversee the professional librarian in developing and planning the utilization of the Temple Library.


supports the goals of the Association of Reform Zionists of America (ARZA) and keeps the Congregation informed about issues concerning religious pluralism in Israel.  The committee promotes programs about Israel, encourages trips to Israel to strengthen understanding and support, and develops projects to bring our community in closer contact with communities in Israel.

Camp Rodef Shalom:

provides guidance, oversight and support to Temple camp activities, in collaboration with the Camp Director.  The Clergy provides religious direction for the camp.

Caring Community:

works in coordination with the Clergy to: arrange transportation, visitation, special services and other programs for congregants with special needs; and assist members of the Temple with funeral and Shiva arrangements.


in coordination with the Clergy and the Senior Administrative and Educational staff, provides for the cultural activities of the Congregation.  The goal of the Cultural Committee is to increase the Congregation’s appreciation of our Jewish cultural heritage.


plans and coordinates on-going fundraising efforts and special campaigns, assists members with large and/or complex gifts such as donations of stock and bequests, and coordinates with the Membership Committee to create a smooth process for integrating new members into the Congregation and to help existing members increase their involvement.  The Committee includes at least one Endowment Trustee, the Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer, and additional members with expertise, experience or interest in resource development for charitable organizations.

Finance and Audit:

develops and oversees, on a continuing basis, financial plans for the Congregation.  The Finance and Audit Committee prepares and submits a proposed budget for the forthcoming fiscal year to the Board of Directors for approval prior to the Spring Congregational Meeting.  The Finance and Audit Committee provides for an annual audit of the Treasurer’s accounts and related financial records by a Certified Public Accountant.

Fine Arts:

exercises oversight over any significant architectural, design or decoration changes to the Temple building or grounds.

Leadership Development:

develops and provides an ongoing consultation and training program designed to enhance and evaluate the leadership skills of current and potential congregational leaders.  This Committee works closely with the Executive Committee, Board of Directors, Committees and professional staff, as directed by the President.  Two members of this Committee serve as ex-officio members of the Nominating Committee.

Long-Range Planning:

provides an ongoing assessment of the Temple’s physical, programmatic and administrative needs and to present to the Board, periodically, for its consideration, a five-year plan to address those anticipated needs.


fosters affiliation with the congregation of persons who are qualified for membership, to encourage maximum membership participation and retention.  The Membership Committee identifies members who have common interests and seek to provide them with social programs and activities tailored to their interests to help facilitate the closest sense of community for all congregants.

Nursery School:

provides guidance, oversight and support to the Nursery School, in collaboration with the Nursery School Director.  The Committee also seeks to foster a sense of community among Nursery School parents through, for example, parent education and social activities and activities which provide support for the school.  The Clergy provides religious direction for the Nursery School.


develops and implements an outreach program and integrates interfaith families and new Jews by choice into congregational life.

Religious Practices:

consults with and makes recommendations to the Clergy; promotes religious practices in the home to enhance the values of Jewish living; works with and assists the Clergy in developing and carrying out their duties and the religious program of the congregation.

Religious School:

provides guidance, oversight and support to the Religious School, in collaboration with the Director of Education.  The Clergy provides religious direction for the school.

Social Action:

in coordination with the Clergy, furthers the Jewish ideal of social justice, to serve as the arm of the congregation for social betterment, and fosters appropriate support for the World Union of Progressive Judaism, oppressed world Jewry and Progressive Judaism worldwide.


strives to foster connections and relationships among the congregation’s youth, develop their leadership skills, and nurture their Jewish identity and connection to the Temple, in a safe and inclusive environment. As such, the Youth Committee supports the Youth Director in engaging the youth of the congregation in social, spiritual and social action activities, and in working with youth leaders to plan and execute those activities. The Youth Committee also connects with parents of TRS youth to provide information on issues relevant to raising children in today’s society and educates parents on the benefits to their children of being active members of TRS through the youth groups and other activities. The Committee aims to maintain a continuing, open dialogue on issues important to youth and their families, and to create opportunities for youth to feel connected and welcome at TRS.