Covid Advisory Group Members

Name, Professional Role/Expertise

Heidi Appel, Medical, Pediatric
Amy Beckman, Mental Health and TRS President
Angie Boyce, Public Health and Social Science
Bill Corr, Health and Human Services
Jennifer Gorrelick, Medical, Internal Medicine
Matt Korn, Internet Operations and TRS Treasurer Elect
Ken Lifland, TRS VP Internal Operations
Paul Locke, Public Health
Rachel Locke, Public Health
Barbara Moss, TRS Facilities Management
Rob Plunkett, Public School Admin. Fairfax City
Cristi Schwarcz, Public Health CDC
Geoff Zeldes, Medical Officer State Department
Josh Zelenka, Technology

Rabbi Amy Schwartzman, Clergy
Cantor Michael Shochet, Clergy
Jessica Ingram, TRS Executive Director

TRS staff are invited to join the CAG meetings on an as-needed basis to share updates and get guidance on issues relating to their various portfolios.