Changes at the Ark

The next time you attend a service here at TRS, you may notice something’s a bit different!  Over the past few weeks, changes have been made to our Ark.

The design and structure of the Ark has an interesting history.  The Ark was designed to make the Torahs look as if they were floating and were supported by plexiglass braces.  The braces were not very secure.  A number of years ago, in an attempt to address the issue, rocks were dug from our own property to make a more secure base.  Many mistook the rock for Jerusalem stone.  The stones were attractive and unique but they created logistical issues.  The shelf height combined with the weight of the Torahs (each Torah weighs 30 – 40 pounds) made it extremely difficult for just about anyone to retrieve them. Rabbi Schwartzman, who works out frequently and is proud of her ability to push some weights at the local gym, recently commented that she’s not getting any younger and didn’t know how much longer she’d be able to wrestle the Torahs in and out of the Ark!

ark shelf

We are thrilled that the Women of TRS stepped right up to help. They made a generous donation so that a new Torah shelf could be built and other related changes could be made. The result is a gorgeous new wood shelf that is easily accessible. In the past, there was not enough room to store all of the Torahs with their crowns in the Ark – there just wasn’t enough space.  Now, the Torahs look so wonderful fully dressed.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this project a success; the Women of TRS, the carpenters who built and installed the custom shelf, and the seamstress who adjusted the fabric pieces behind the Torahs and under the shelf.

We are so proud of our sacred and beautiful Ark.

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