A Home for the Future of Judaism:
The Campaign for TRS

A Home for the Future of Judaism

The Future of Judaism is Right Here

We call on every member of our congregation to find their role in our new capital campaign, A Home for the Future of Judaism. As a community, Temple Rodef Shalom represents the richness of our vision: our search for meaning, our need to keep Judaism relevant in changing times, and our desire to transform ourselves and our world.

We need our Temple home to be able to accommodate the fullness of that vision. A Home for the Future of Judaism is a campaign to ensure that the building in which we gather has room enough for our vision for the world.


We look back to our traditions for guidance, and look ahead to create joy, hope, and a sense of fairness.


Through every dimension of congregational life, our congregants experience a Judaism that speaks to them today.


Through their experiences as members of Temple Rodef Shalom, our congregants develop the tools and ideas to transform themselves and our world.

Campaign Objectives

We launch this crucial campaign to ensure that our Temple home has room enough for all of us. Rebuilt 18 years ago to house a projected 1,200 families in 65,000 square feet, it is now packed well beyond its capacity. Over 1,700 families make up our congregation, and more will come. Each of the Campaign’s objectives is essential for creating the space—increased to 80,000 square feet—we need to make our vision a reality.

1. Sharing Meaningful Jewish Experiences

The Campaign will improve our ability to serve as a home for significant and profound moments in our lives such as becoming a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, weddings, and funerals, and for meaningful worship experiences on Shabbat, the festivals and the High Holy Days – as well as for everyday community-building experiences.

2. Inspiring the Next Generation

One of our most important roles is helping the younger generation develop a love of Judaism. The Campaign will allow us to guide them in ways that connect to their broader needs and furthers our goal of relevant and creative Jewish living.

3. A Place to Transform Ourselves and Our World

The Campaign will support investments to preserve Temple Rodef Shalom’s role as a sanctuary of peace in which we can be renewed, refreshed and transformed, to make us ready to help transform the world around us.

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