Campaign Gifts

We are so grateful for all the gifts that have helped us build our Jewish home!

All gifts of $10,000 and above will be recognized on a permanent donor wall within our new space. This art piece will be designed by artist Zachary Oxman.

List reflects gifts as of March 19, 2019

Visionary ($1 million and above)

Matthew R. Korn and Cynthia K. Miller
Mike and Eleanor Pinkert
Peter and Marla Schnall
Beano Solomon

Leader ($500,000 and above)

Kathleen Gilles Seidel
Chuck Todd and Kristian Denny Todd

Guardian ($250,000 and above)

Steven and Christine Boehm
Michael Faino and Laura Samberg Faino
Leah Fried Sedwick

Pursuer of Peace ($100,000 and above)

Amron-Ritter Family
Joe and Rita Davis
Sam Feist and Danielle Heyman Feist
Patty and David Freeman
Andrew Joskow and Lisa Sockett
Joel and Ricki Kanter
Josephine, Bill, and Madeleine LeBeau
Martin Malawer
James and Kendra Mendelsohn
Robert and Helene Schlossberg
David S. Shrager Foundation
Beth Silver and Adam Gruen
Joel and Andrea Stillman
Karen and Jim Whitman

Community Builder ($50,000 and above)

Catherine Abrahams
Cherie and Bill Artz
Phyllis Cela and Gary M. Sidell
Dadra Fund
Elinsky Family
Carol and Rick Froehlich
Jen Jacobsen and Ethan Shenkman
Marc and Leana Katz
Stanley, David, Ellen, Gabriella and Shaina Levin
Karen Menichelli and Daniel Davis
John and Vicki Nelson
Lynne and Barry Lotenberg
John and Ilene Pachter
Bernie and Louise Rostker
Rabbi Amy Schwartzman and Kevin Moss
Jonathan and Virginia Shames
Susan and Sam Simon
Jeffrey and Melissa Sporn
Women of Temple Rodef Shalom
Joshua and Rebecca Zelenka

Maven ($10,000 and above)

Anonymous (7)
Frederick and Lisa Abbey
Scott Ableman and Deborah Shrager
Karen and Jonathan Adelstein
Edward M. Alexander Family
Randy and Elizabeth Allen
Steve and Marjorie Alloy
Morris, Max and Sarah Altman Memorial Trust
Steven Anders and Elisa Joseph Anders
Allie and Ellen Ash
Karen and Luis Baquedano
Edward and Iris Beckwith
Marla and Christopher Belvedere
Debora Benchoam and George Rogers
Frank Berkowitz and Cirrelda Cooper
Jon Bernstein and Leslie Silverman
Paul Bernstein and Susan Pederson
Stephanie Bernstein and Henry Winokur
Matt and Ilona Birenbaum
Ellen and Dan Blalock
Ron and Nancy Bleeker
Robert and Nancy Bloch
Sally Bloomberg and David Hindin
Matthew and Deborah Brooks
Robert Brooks and Julie Griffith
Michael Canes
Nancy and Henry Chajet
Mike and Cheryl Coe
Edmund Cohen
Babette and Jonathan Cohn
Jacqueline and Richard Cooper
Rob and Deb Copito
Carrie and Pete Cordero
Marcy, John, Erica, and Lindsay Davidson
Tracy Dillinger
Lester and Deborah Droller
Steven and Carolyn Eagle
Alan, Shalla, Michayla and Isabella Eisenberg
Eddie and Rachel Eitches
Mindy and Joe Facenda
Falkoff Family
Heather and Jeffrey Feingold
Nancy Finken
Walter Fleischer and Candace Kovacic-Fleischer
Bob and Lynn Fletcher
Howard Forman and Elaine Weinstein
Stuart Freudberg and Lynn Gutter
Flo and Alan Frey
Bill and Robin Fried
Andy and Susan Friedman
Steven Gaba and Amy Beckman
Chris and Nicole Gardner
Stephen and Sheila Gell
Ellen Ginsberg and George Schutzer
Michelle and Jonathan Ginsberg
Michael and Jennifer Gold
Jonathan and Rebecca Goldman
Bruce Goldstein and Family
Jonathan, Lorraine, and Michael Goldstein
Sonia and Garrett Goldstein
Joseph and Elke Gordon
Gordon Family
David and Gayle Greene
Sunny Greene
Greenlee Family
Jerry and Win Greenwald
Gurnitz-Hogan Family
Ann and Bob Gutkin
Jane Guttman
Marilyn Hahn
Richard Haines and Nancy Limprecht
Steve and Anne Himelfarb
Barry Holt and Julie Samuels
Gary and Jessica Horewitz
Barbara Huberman
Alysa, Joseph, Noa, and Lila Hutnik
Steve Ivins, z”l
Jeff and Meredith Jaeckel
Greg and Margaret Jaffe
Karen Kaplan and Marshall Berman
Alice Katz
Robert and Lisa Kazden
Franklin Kelly and Karen Jordan Kelly
Stacy and Dan Kerzner
Bill and Bobbie Kilberg
Sara and Stephan Kline
Nikki Koch
Jim and Barbara Korman
Jonathan and Gayle Kosarin
Jay and Ruth Kraemer
Joseph Kresse and Andrea Weinstein
Joshua Kussman and Laura Cross
Gary Lampal and Robin Madison
David and Nancy Lawrence
Ernest and Helene Lederer
Peter and Stacy Leff
Adam and Sharon Levin
Fred and Jennifer Levy
Eleanor and Richard Linde
Cookie and Paul Mandell
Thomas and Melissa Mann
Yardena Mansoor and Michael Phillips
Debbie Massey
Todd and Susan Mayman
Keith Mendelson and Rebecca Smith
Mike and Stacy Mendler
Deborah Meshulam and Andy Becker
Frances Winarsky Miller
Hank and Debbie Miller
Hannah Moore and Lawrence MacDonald
Elisabeth and Jonathan Morse
Donald and Lynne Myers
Michael and Alison Nadel
Tena Nauheim and David Harrison
Newberger Family
Amy and John O’Keefe
Andrew Pike and Barbara Sarshik
Saul and Nancy Pilchen
Ardith and Sidney Polk
Richard and Diane Pollack
Dan Poneman and Susan Danoff Poneman
Bernice and Peter Porrazzo
Laurence and Reyna Pratt
Glen and Lisa Prickett
Jenn and Dan Rafael
Tina Rafalovich
Michael and Barbara Raizen
Gary Ratner and Ellen Krieger
Amy Reif
Riesenberg Family Fund
Jason and Jacqueline Rockman
Robert and Audrey Romasco
Robert Rosenberg and Mary Ann Kennedy
Brian Rosenbloom and Melani Spiegel
Bobby and Tobi Rozen
Adam and Jennifer Rudo
Pia and Adam Ruttenberg
Jonathan and Lori Sallet
Curt and Toni Sandler
Mark and Michelle Sandler
Rabbi Jeffrey Saxe and Jaimee Saxe
Sandra Saydah
Clarine Schmukler
Mark and Lisa Schneider
Donna Schwartz and Gregg Maisel
Kenneth Schwartz and Karen Kerley-Schwartz
Jeffrey and Randy Segal
Hank and Judy Seiff
Joshua and Jennifer Seiff
Michael Shapiro and Julie Rosenberg
Robert Sharer and Karen Hendrixson
Marilyn Tebor Shaw
Julian and Dawa Shepard
Gary and Jeanne Shiffman
Cantor Michael, Denise, Sondra, and Bernard Shochet
Robert and Stephanie Sigal
Robert and Patricia Silverman
Michael Silverstein and Roberta Gartside
Marcus and Rachel Simon
Gregg Skall
Jeff and Lauretta Skigen
Joan Slottow
Nina Solarz
David and Justine Springberg
Jeremy and Lauren Staadeker
Alexander and Lynn Starr
David Stearman
Dale and Sandra Stein
Harold Steinberg and Lana Goald Steinberg
Jon Stoloff and Carol Sacks
Evelyn and Barry Strauch
Sullivan Krug Family
Robert and Pamela Tanenbaum
Jennifer Tatel
Chuck and Anita Thornton
Kenneth and Andrea Weckstein
Richard J. Weinberg, MD
Lawrence and Susan Weinstock
Dr. Armand B. Weiss
Fred and Amy Weiss
Sharon Korman Weiss
Michele Werner and Geoff Drucker
Paul Wolff and Rhea Schwartz
David and Juliana Yaskin
Jean Schiro-Zavela and Vance Zavela
Meredith and Dean Zerbe
Rochelle Zohn
Paul and Janice Zucker

Mensch (up to $9,999)

Anonymous (10)
Shellie and John Abel
Jill Abrams and Rob Schildkraut
Jodi Abrams
Sidney and Miriam Abrams
Joel and Kelly Abramson
Faith and Barry Abzug
Michael Ackerman and Josephine Hertz-Ackerman
Helen Albert
Hani Akil and Bita Radfar-Akil
Peter Alexander and Alison Starling
Eliza and James Alford
Jacqueline Almassian
Arthur and Susan Amchan
Tyler and Lisa Anbinder
William and Renee Andrews
David and Ginger Ansell
Steven and Ann Aoki
Archer Family
Dean and Greer Armandroff
Jesse and Valerie Aronson
James Asker and Jane Gurin
Axelrad Family
Lawrence and Ruth Axelrod
Nina Bacas
Barbara Brot Bailey and Scott Bailey
Susan Baker
Andrew and Susan Baldwin
Charles and Ilene Banker
Bruce Barishman and Ted Kavich
Caryn Barnet and Aric Mutchnick
Michael Baron
Jay Bass and Barbara Cohen
Michaele Battles
Jamie and Donald Beaulieu
Marina Lyn Beckhard and Alan Luberda
Bill and Fern Bekenstein
Galeet BenZion
Matthew Bennett and Susan Lambert
Deborah Berger and Daniel Lavan
Rabbi Laszlo Berkowits
Jonathan and Joann Berkson
Lee Berner and Beth Freedman
Jacob and Cassandra Bernstein
Lori and Jacob Bernstein
Craig and Sherry Beyers
Jeff Bialos and Leslie Kerman
Howard Bierman and Jill Coleman
Russell and Susan Bikoff
Richard and Joan Bishow
Bizar Family
John and Deborah Blacksten
Fern Bleckner and Family
Daniel and Margaret Bleicher
Cookie H. and Nelson Blitz
Nadine Block
Steven Bloom and Elsie Kappler
David and Norma Blum
Fred Blumenthal
Joshua and Sharon Blumenthal
Mike and Christin Blyumin
Mendel Bocknek
Stephen and Sandra Bogorad
Martin and Leslie Borak
Cantor Annie Bornstein
Henry and Joan Botuck
Lisa and Tim Bourdeau
Daniela Brancaforte and Ken Marty
Braunstein Kuebler Family
Joel and Carol Breitner
Rick and Debbie Bress
John and Elizabeth Breyer
Howard and Gloria Briskin
Kristina and Loren Brody
Richard and Francine Bromberg
Harvey and Leni Bronstein
Samuel Brooke and Gail Weiss
David and Melanie Brookes-Weiss
Risa and Matthew Broudy
F.L. Broussard
Claire Kaufman Brown
Peter and Michele Brown
David and Elise Brunori
Dan and Judith Burkitt
William and Debra Busker
Kathleen Butterini
Lee and Christina Caplan
Trey and Dana Carr
Carrillo-Klein Family
John and Jamie Carter
Susan Castle
Derek and Rena Cervoni
Carolyn and Jake Chachkin
Henry Chamberlain and Lisa Burns
Lawrence and Ellen Chalmer
Paul and Charlotte Chandler
Jen and Dave Charlap
Libby and John Chisholm
Buddy and Jody Christensen
Sylvia A. Cikins
Clark-Metlin Family
Andrew Claster
William and Willa Cleary
Blanche Cohen
Deb Cohen
Elly Cohen
Jeff Cohen and Maria Castillo
Joe and Carol Cohen
Josh and Aslin Cohen, and Arlene Adler
Mort and Roslyn Cohen
Ronald and Catherine Cohen
Sheryl Cohen
Robert and Sandra Cohn
Joshua and Heidi Comenetz
Andrew and Erika Compart
Matt and Anne Continetti
Mark and Kathyrn Covall
David and Barbara Cooper
Edward Cooper and Patricia Hudson Cooper
William Corr and Susan Steinmetz
Joseph and Randi Cosentino
Anya Coverman and Alain Lopez
Paul D’Ari and Marcy Magid
Arnold and Sandra Dashefsky
Sylvia Dattner
Binaifer Davar
Brian and Maria Davidson
Eugene Davidson, z”l
Rebecca Davies
Kimberly and Michael Derwinski
Justin and Adele Dingfelder
Bo and Jessica Davis
John Davis and Bonnie Freeman
Michelle Deangelis
Daniel and Dee Dertke
Andrew and Rachel Dober
Matthew and Rachel Dorf
Donat Family
Richard and Denise Dreiman
Marilyn DuBois
Sydney Duberstein
Michele Duchin-Watson and Jonathan Watson
Eric and Carey Eisenberg
Fernand and Barbara Elbeze
Donald Eiss and Betsy Stillman
Randolph Elkins
John and Sandra Elligers
Barry and Maxine Elliot
Neil and Elizabeth Ende
Rosalind Engels
Harriet Epstein
Ken and Dorothy Epstein
Jay and Judi Eskovitz
Mark and Lynn Extein
Steven Farbman and Karen Crassweller
Gershon and Na’ava Feder
Peter and Debbie Feinberg
Fil and Charity Feit
Bernard and Sophie Ferrier
Karyn Ferro
Gary and Jane Filerman
Judith Fine
Marc and Carol Fink
David Fish and Tamara Dreyfus
Gail Fisher
Craig, Shari, and James Fishman
Justine Fitzgerald and Adam Scheinman
Randolph and Miriam Fleitman
Ava and Ramon Flores
Karen Forester and James Murray
Janet and Scott Fortney
Wendy Fox and Herbert Bloom
Peter Frechtel and Michelle Light
Fred and Donna Freedman
Louis and Toby Freeman
Marc and Suzanne Freeman
Susan and Larry Freilich
Josh, Kathy, Maxwell, and Delilah Frey
Dorothy and Mark Friedlander
Joan Friedman
Virgil Frizzell and Deborah Leiderman
Aaron and Leah Fuchs
Raymond and Shirley Galant
Steven and Sheila Gale
Roy and Joyce Gamse
Judith Garber and Paul Wisgerhof
Michael and Janet Gelb
Jason H. Gerbsman and Lauren A. Rothman
Alex and Lorraine Gershman
Steven and Gail Gershman
Larry and Gwen Gershwin
Robert and Cindy Gersony
Andrew and Julie Gerstel
Michael and Marcy Gessel
Adrienne and Stuart Gibson
Kerry, Deborah, Gabriella and Liam Gilpin
Randy Glantz
Stephanie and Jordan Glashow
Robin, Andrew, and Miles Glass
Michael and Emmy Lou Glassman
David and Heather Glick
Hal and Leah Gluskoter
Hadar Golan
Jason and Margi Gold
Dan and Marian Goldberg
Michael and Linda Goldberg
Barbara Goldlust
Natalie Goldring and Mark Merriman
Allan Goldstein
Brian and Karla Goldstein
Inez Goldstein
Sonia and Garrett Goldstein
Gregory and Lisa Gordon
Harry and Donna Gordon
David and Susan Gorin
Olga and Boris Gorney
Richard and Susan Gorsky
Lori and Charles Grausz
Isidore Greenberg
Judy Greenberg
Ana Greene and Verne Hyde
Julie and Mark Groff
Susan E. Grosser
Peter, Monica and Simon Groves
Elliot and Elinor Gruber
Ross and Heidi Guberman
Anne M. Gwynn-Wellens and Richard Wellens
Robert and Rebecca Haase
Chuck and Judy Hadden
Alexander and Paige Hahn
Robert and Susan Hale
John Hall, Helene Kessler, Rebecca, and Eliana
Robert and Melissa Hall
Ellice Halpern and Joel Sciandra
Ronald and Judith Haron
Haycock Elementary School Math Club
Helena, Brendan, and Aidan Healy
Alan Hechtkopf and Jacqueline Jules
Heilbraun Family
Linda Heleman
Heller Dando Family
Carole Heller
Peter Heller
Andy Hemmendinger and Ida Haugland
Dan and Bethany Henderson
Michael and Stephanie Herman
Michael and Carrie Hertzberg
Lisa and Richard Herzog
Scott and Sharon Higgins
Susana and Chad Hill
Jay and Vera Hirschman
Wynne and Jim Hogle
Holmes Family
Phyllis Holt
Holzberg-Dempsey Family
Jay and Adrienne Honigstock
Miriam and David Horgan
Daniel Horn and Debra Speert
Hillary Horn
Stuart and Sally Horn
Bruce and Evelyne Horovitz
Lester and Wilma House
Shari Hughes
Marshal Hyman and Aniko Jacobovits
Noah Israel and Courtney Fox
Michael and Elizabeth Jablin
Greg and Catharina Jacknow
Marion Jacknow
Betty and Richard Jacob
Brenda Jacobs
David and Lynne Jacobs
Ken and Phyllis Jacobs
Laura Jacobs
Louis and Leslie Jacobson
Leo and Debra Jardot
Sarah Andree John
Lee Jones and Vicki Schulkin
Michael and Julia Jones
Robert and Joyce Jones
Joan Kadonoff
Mark and Laura Kadonoff
Amy and Jonathan Kales
Arthur and Amy Kales
Carl and Susan Kalish
Yury and Irina Kalish
Karen and Scott Kamholz
Ron Kampeas and Doina Chiacu
Nancy Kane
Peter and Zoe Kant
Herschel Kanter
Harriet Kaplan
Julie Kaplan
Paul and Margery Karlin
Steven, Kyle, Lily, and Ella Karp
Matthew Karush and Alison Landsberg
Kase Family
Irvin and Beth Katz
Nevin and Joan Katz
Lisa, Evan, David, and Caroline Katzman
Howard Kavaler, z”l
John and Dana Kay
Melissa Kaylor
Eric and Vivian Keller
Helen and William Kennedy
Steven A. Kenny
Sue King, z”l
Charles and Florence Kittiver
Sam and Valentina Klausner
Benjy Kline
Noah Kline
Tess Kline and Andrew Greenberg
Tilde S. Kline
Julie Kluge
Treyce Knee and Rex Guinn
Nesli Kohen
Korobkin Family
Al and Julie Krachman
Phyllis Krochmal
Roger and Georgie Kronenberg
Bob Kruger and Lori Jonas
Stuart Kruger and Chris Carstens
Joshua and Laura Krupnick
Louis Kruse
Matthew and Jennifer Kulkin
Beverly and Neale Kuperman
Ken and Susan Kusel
Jay and Jeri Labov
Jennifer Lager and Jason Carle
Jack and Stacy Lapidus
Greg and Libby Langsdale
Judy and David Laufman
Jack Laveson and Diana White
Myron and Harriet Lawrence
Mary and Stephen Leach
Daniel and Erin Lebbin
Lisa Lednicer
Ian Leibowitz Family
Cantor Allen Leider
Craig Leiding and Joanne Murachver
Laura Leinow and Moshe Carmi
Alex Lelchook and Andrea Wallen
Sage Leonard
Barry Leopold and Wendy Cohen
Jeffrey Lepon
Michael and Susan Lerner
Bruce and Roslyn Lessin
Levi-Truesdale Family
Stanley Levin and Susan Lerman
Paul and Florence Levine
Sarita Levine
Keith and Bari Levingston
Levy Family
Alan and Suzanne Levy
Amelia Levy
Beulah and Alan Levy
Herman Levy
Jeffrey and Lindsay Levy
Jerry Levy
Kendra Levy
Marnie Lewis and David Kleiner
Roman and Beth Lewyckyj
Albert and Judith Lichtmann
Ken and Julie Lifland
Elinor Light
Linda Liner
Cindy and Morgan Lips
Locke Family
Elaine Lomax
Jason and Carin Lomax
Sid and Bettye Anna Louick
Bret Lowell
Craig Lowenstein
Henry Lowenstern
Suanne Lubin
Susan and Mitchell Luxenberg
Eric and Lisa Mackem
Brynne and Chad Magaziner
Terry Mahn and Gayle Novig
Eileen Mandell
Marsha Mann and Becky Boland
Aaron and Elise Margosis
Jeff Markowitz and Susan Fox
Joseph and Linda Marshall
Jack and Geri Maskell
Marshall and Deborah Matz
Caroline Mayer and Gary Anthes
Vera Mellen
Ellen Meltzer
Steve Meyerson and Jodi Remer
Margot Mezvinsky
Carl and Jill Miller
David Miller and Marcia Nirenstein
Justin and Megan Miller
Matthew and Melissa Miller
Wendy E. Mills
Paul Modlinger and Jennifer Gorrelick
Robert and Melissa Moore
Nathan and Alison Morello
Leonard and Maxine Morse
Marisa and Joseph Morse
Joel and Susan Moss
Robert and Barbara Moss
Joanne Muir
Andrew and Jane Mullen
Lana Murawiec
Brian Murphy and Susan Kamener
Nachmanoff Family
Arnold Nachmanoff
Edward and Kathy Naidamast
Ellen Nasanow
Roberta Needleman
Werner and Henrietta Neuberger
Needham, Mitnick and Pollack PLC
Jeffrey and Anne Neuman
Mike Newell and Robin Lelyveld Newell
Jeffrey and Beth Newman
Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Nirenberg
Nolan Family
George and Laura O’Connor
James and Ronnie O’Connor
Diane Oden
Kevin O’Keefe and Lee Walzer
Rachel and Mark Opper
William and Jessica Ossakow
Craig Osteen and Cyrelle Gerson
Osztreicher Family
Doris Parnas
Patrone Family
Leslie and Sandy Paul
Mindy and Matthew Pava
Gil and Harpreet Peleg
Erik Pelton and Rebecca Tax
Brian Perlberg and Rebecca Hirshorn
Drs. Gerald and Martha Perman
Alvin and Constance Pesachowitz
Alan Pettingill and Mona Milberg
James and Nancy Pettit
Fran Pfeffer and David Zarrow
Sue Pickens Owens
Steve and Elisa Pilloff
Richard and Bridget Pollack
Susan Pollack
Douglas and Mary Beth Pollock
Juan Eduardo Polo-Zavala and Annabel Sherk
Ethel Pomerantz
Jan Pomerantz and Everett Wilcox
Donald and Susan Poretz
Jeni and John Porter
Iris Portny
Ralph Posner and Alyssa Prince
Meg Power
David and Hope Powers
Eric Powers and Elizabeth McDonald
Alison Pratt
Harrison Pratt
Jeff and Ilene Price
John Pracher and Amy Reich
Andy and Shelley Prince
Dr. Fran Prolman
Karen Pyeatt
Steven and Emily Pyser
Rabinovitz Family
Isobel and Michael Rahn
James and Lauren Ramenofsky
Andrew and Bronwen Rankin
Michael Rankin, z”l
David Rapoport and Nancy Reder
Dena Rapoport
Jay and Rachel Rapoport
Sara and Jay Ratafia-Brown
Andy and Michele Reiman
Beth Reinhard and Ronnie Greene
Eli Reinharz and Shirah Cohen
Sharon Sotsky Remirez and Juan Remirez
Rennert Family
Cantor Rachel Rhodes and Dov Rhodes
Elliot and Diana Rhodeside
Sherri Richman
Lawrence Riesenbach and Timothy Ky
Dave Rifkin and Beth Heleman
Gary Rimar and Nirmal Bhagabati
Sharon Ritter
Al and Carole Robbins
John and Rosario Robbins
Sanford Robeck and Marsha Goldberg
Carol Roberts
Sean and Rebecca Roche
Stephen Rockower
Richard and Rochelle Rogart
Rome Family
Janet and Russ Roseman
Aldo and Graciela Rosemblat
Doug and Marla Rosen
Eli Rosenbaum and Cynthia Barvin
Erik and Sarah Rosenfeld
Fran Rosenstein
Diane Rosenthal and David Egelhofer
Jeffrey Rosenzweig and Marci Love
Jonathan Ross and Linda Harris
Philip and Jean Ross
Gary and Marilyn Rossen
David and Heather Rostker
Mark and Shana Rothman
Laurie Rowe
Ira and Juliana Rubenstein
Robert Rubenstein
Allan Rubin and Southy Walton
Stephen and Diana Ruth
Sachwitz Family
Natasha Sacouman and Kevin Minsky
Soop and Jan Saferstein
Sol and Ellen Safran
Carl and Ellen Salsbury
James and Daisy Samarias
Douglas Sanderson and Audrey Goldstein
Marjorie Sauber
Steven and Joanne Saxe
Ellen Schaefer and Nathan White
Gloria Schaefer
Julie Schechter Torres and Jose Torres
Rachel Schechter
Geraldine Schehr
Steven and Julie Schiller
Ray and Pat Schleicher
Paul Schlesinger
Nina Schlossman and John Keeling
Robert and Deborah Schoenberger
Dan and Lisa Schonfeld
Tibor and Barbara Schonfeld
Barbara Schulman
Robert and Ronnie Schulman
Jonathan and Lauren Schwabish
Deborah Schwartz and Allan Yellowitz
Mark Schwartz and Jayme Sophir
Sheldon and Janet Schwartz
Albert and Felicia Schwenk
Joshua and Katherine Sear
Heather and Ben Selig
Philip and Karen Selwyn
Eddie Senn
Thomas and Kathy Sgroi
Robert and Iris Shamaskin
Hal and Lisa Shapiro
Paul Shapiro
Moriah Tebor Shaw
Ileen Shefferman
Sylvia Shenk
David and Ellen Sher
Gerson and Margery Sher
Rene and Michael Shiohama
Michael and Mary Lou Shumate
Rabbi Michael Shire and Rabbi Marcia Plumb
Paula Silberberg
Helen Silberminz and Samuel Worthington
Pamela Silberstein
Bernard and Irene Silver
Silver-Levy Family
Robert and Lynn Silverstein
James and Debra Simon
Jennifer Simon and Fred Phillips
Leny and Gail-Ann Simon
David and Patricia Simon
Marya Slade
Hope, Michael, and Angie Slonim
Don and Debra Smith
Howard Smith and Beth Singer
Ray and Dana Smith
Ian and Susan Snyder and Family
Diana and Aaron Sokolow
Laurie and Gabriel Solomon
Michael and Karen Solomon
Robert Sonenthal and Eleanor Melamed
Erica and Jim Spaulding
Elizabeth and Jeffrey Spike
Randy and Ellen Spolter
Gary and Kathleen Stearman
Frederick and Holly Stearns
Joanne and Tom Stefanick
John and Laurie Steiger
Elise Stein
Harry and Miriam Stein
Jason Steinbaum and Miriam Kleiman
Barbara Stephenson and Matthew Furbush
Lawrence and Mindy Stern
Alene and Steven Sternlieb
Robert and Bethany Stevenson
Estelle, Erica, and Doug Strassler
Ina Strichartz
Beth Stroul
Jeremy and Jan Strozer
Norman and Judith Sue
Scott Sunshine
Robert and MiYoung Suslowitz
Donald Sussman and Jessamy Taylor
Deborah and Daniel Sutton
Marjorie Swirsky
Jamie Tabb and Bianchi Suarez
James Talens and Nina Lane
Adam W. Tanenbaum
Brian Tanenbaum and Zoe Danon
David Taube and Somer Cross
Frank and Janice Tichauer
H. Stetson and Sandra Tinkham
Douglas and Stephanie Tebor
John and Nancy Trainer
Michael Trauberman and Amy Golden
Treibitz Family
Trillion Creative, LLC
Turkel Family
Jeffrey Urbach and Janet Kahn
Paul and Ilene Van Hoozer
Patrick Vennebush and Nadine Block
Gary and Phyllis Villani
Alison and Brian Waldman
Debra Walther and Ron Schwadron
Jay Warshawsky and Carole Pollner
Marjorie Wayne
Lisa Weckstein and Tim Martin
Peter and Samara Weilenmann
Hillel Weinberg and Debra Weiner
Howard Weinberg and Katarina Grauman
Mark Weiner
Don Weinstein, Beth Fayonne Doughty, and Penny Weinstein
Iram and Lynnie Weinstein
Miriam Weisberg and Kerry Stackpole
Cory Firestone Weiss and Martin Weiss
Tanya Weiss
Donald and Edna Weitzman
Richard Wexell and Lisa Horowitz
Mitchell and Julia Wiener
Prescott and Judith Williams
Gordon and Luiza Wilson
James and Anne Wilson
Jonathan and Annalena Winer
Elizabeth and Robert Winter
Jean Wise
Hope Wittenberg
Wodiska Family
Carrie Wolfe and Mark Greenwood
Lauren Wolfe
Frances Wolfson
Henry and Carol Wolinsky
Julie Wolinsky and Homi Arabshahi
N. Convers and Edie Wyeth
Cora Yamamoto
Judith Yavner
Shelemyahu and Hanna Zacks
Lucille Zinman
Michael Zito and Adrian Wager-Zito
Sergio and Sylvia Zwi





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