Bulldozer Alert!

1photoIf you’ve driven anywhere near the Temple lately you’d notice the major construction happening on Westmoreland Street and Haycock Road.  A number of things are going on, some of which impact our Temple:

  • a sidewalk is being added between Haycock Rd. and our parking lot (love this for the safety it provides all of us, especially the children that walk from Haycock to TRS)
  • the Haycock Elementary School kiss-n-ride parking lot is being expanded as a part of their school renovation (love this for the extra parking it will provide for us in times of need as Haycock is a generous community partner)
  • a right turn lane from Westmoreland to Haycock is being added (love this for all those times we sit in traffic at this area, especially at the High Holy Days)
  • the two curbs and the concrete island at the entrance to our TRS parking lot on the southern end are being rebuilt (closest to the Haycock kiss-n-ride)

photoAll of this construction is being conducted by Fairfax County. Fairfax County reports to Beth Silver, TRS Executive Director, that the work will be 95% complete by the Labor Day holiday (just in time for the High Holy Days!). As it goes with most construction projects, things are little tough right now but we will all benefit when it’s complete.

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