Beit Samueli (Kehillat Ra’anan)

Beit Samueli (Kehillat Ra’anan) is the original Reform congregation in the city of Ra’anana. It is the sister congregation of Temple Rodef Shalom.

The community is founded upon the Israeli Jewish ideals of freedom and equality. They strive to provide a rich and powerful spiritual experience.

The synagogue welcomes everyone, and its doors are always open for men and women, young people and adults, individuals and families.

The community life revolves around services, holidays, the cycle of life, learning and activities of “Tikkun Olam” (mobilization on behalf of the community and the needy).
Beit Samueli is a community and a mutual support cooperative group. Beit Samueli’s goal is to strengthen relationships amongst each other and participate with Israeli Jewish culture in a changing and evolving Israeli society. They do this via relating to the basic spiritual elements of prayer, learning and mutual commitment to each other.

Kehilat Ra’anan belongs to the Reform Movement in Israel (Progressive Judaism). Within this framework, every city and region operates as an autonomous community that allows members to direct their own spiritual lives, within the framework of the ideals of the Movement. Therefore in their own way, the community life reflects free and egalitarian Judaism which derives power from its past heritage and present day life experiences.

The activities of Beit Samueli (excluding the preschool system) have been made possible thanks to two main sources: annual membership fees and donations from Israel and abroad. These members and donors share a vision for Beit Samueli – to create and maintain a progressive Judaism in Israel that is open, egalitarian and rooted in Israeli society.

Become an Overseas Friend of Beit Samueli

Why is Your Contribution Important?

Your donation is a declaration of support for an Israeli society that is pluralistic, allowing every person in general, and Jews in particular, to maintain a way of life according to their cultural and/or religious traditions corresponding to their own worldview. Beit Samueli and Kehillat Ra’anan represent one of the many ways to have a Jewish community that values modernity and openness which speak to many Israelis who seek a framework of activity relevant to them and to their families. Kehillat Ra’anan believes that the future of Israel depends upon fostering Jewish identity in a contemporary, meaningful and powerful style.

We here at Kehillat Ra’anan/BeitShmueli know that our sister congregation Temple Rodef Shalom also believes in the power of Reform communities in Israel to make a difference in the lives of all Jews, and in helping push for the acceptance of progressive, modern Jewish observance and practices in our homeland.

The Government of Israel supports organizations that it defines as “religious” (i.e. Orthodox Judaism) but does not help congregations that do not meet this criteria.
The Jewish communities in the Diaspora are dealing with complex issues of support for educational, cultural and religious services to maintain the existence of the Jewish people located outside the borders of the State of Israel.

The Israeli community will decide the fate of congregations like Kehillat Ra’anan and many other congregations, which represent a variety of ways to express the manifold Jewish identity in a manner consistent with the principles of a liberal and democratic society.

Historically, it was customary for the Jewish people to support their own religious, cultural and social communities. Each community was supported by its own members and friends. This historic system of support should continue without the involvement of the State of Israel.

When to Contribute?

Any time you can! According to long existing custom appropriate times to contribution have been linked to life cycle events, whether in joy or in mourning or illness. Some tend to contribute after receiving an honor at the synagogue (such as an aliyah to the Torah). They do not believe in conducting our prayer services in this way, i.e. to mix financial matters into the spiritual arena. However, they understand that a community event (life event commemoration, celebration and special ceremony) represents an opportunity for affinity and support.

How to Contribute

The best way to make your contribution is via Paypal at the Kehillat Ra’anan webpage. Visit here to donate via Paypal.

You can also send a check payable to Kehillat Ra’anan, Pardes Meshutaf 94 Raanana, Israel.

It is also possible to contact the Kehillah’s office and arrange to contribute via credit card. Phone: 972-9-7740311

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