Apartment Needed for Refugee Family

As you know, the Temple co-sponsored a refugee family in July 2017. Over the past 14 months, we have helped the family acclimate to life in the USA by providing friendship, tutoring, help getting a job, and temporary rent assistance. The family is doing well and Hadiyah (the single mom) has a good job as a hotel housekeeper. The challenge we face is that Hadiyah does not make enough money to afford market rent in nearby Northern Virginia without a permanent subsidy. While we have sufficient funds to help her for the next several months, we need to find less expensive housing that she can afford on her own. We hope that someone in our congregation can help.

Do you have an apartment or an in-law suite with its own kitchen? Can you rent it to Hadiyah and her two 13 year boys for $1,000 per month? With the right layout, a one-bedroom unit could work.

If we cannot locate an apartment in Virginia, we will have to work with LSS (the resettlement agency we are partnering with) to move the family to a one-bedroom apartment in Hyattsville, MD–far away from us, but a place where LSS has relationships with landlords who can offer some support.

We would prefer to find a home for Hadiyah and her sons in Virginia closer to the Temple and our volunteers. But that will only be possible if we can get a special deal on rent. Please let us know if you can help.

Contact: Peter Schnall, Refugee Project Chair, email