Co-Chairs of
the Inclusion Committee:

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Andy Baldwin

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Nancy Reder


Temple Staff

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Dr. Stefanie Bloom
Director of Caring and Inclusion


Religious School

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Dara Holop

Temple Rodef Shalom strives to ensure that our community is welcoming, inclusive and accessible by accommodating the needs of all members and guests, from the very young to our seniors, in all aspects of our Temple’s programming. We want the community to be aware of the following accommodations that are currently available throughout TRS to improve accessibility. Additional accommodations may be available upon request. Please feel free to contact Anita Thornton for additional information about these or any other accommodations.

In the Sanctuary

  • Assistive hearing devices
  • Large print prayer books located in the back of the Sanctuary
  • A ramp leading up to the bema
  • Sign language interpreters upon request
  • An electric recliner in the quiet room
  • Live streaming of services for people who are unable to attend in person

Access to the Building

  • Reserved parking for individuals with disabilities
  • Curb cuts to provide access to all levels of the building

Other Physical Accessibility Accommodations

  • An elevator that provides access to all floors
  • A wheelchair lift that provides access to the multipurpose room


The Religious School:

  • Has a professional special educator on staff to assist in providing appropriate classroom accommodations.
  • Provides one-to-one shadows or buddies for students who need additional assistance in the classroom.
  • Provides instructional tools for teachers to use to address individual student needs.
  • The special educator works with teachers individually to support students with special needs.
  • The special educator provides professional development on special needs and inclusion.
  • The special educator also serves as a liaison to families with children who may need accommodations for bar/bat mitzvah.
  • The special educator also observes classes regularly to ensure that student needs are being met (or to identify students that are not engaged).
  • The religious school staff participates in an in-service training for all Northern Virginia religious school teachers every fall.

The Nursery School:

  • Employs a child development specialist to work with teachers and parents.
  • Has a speech therapist on staff. For a fee, which is paid by the family, she works with children in a “push in” program, which provides speech services in the classroom environment. She also consults with teachers and provides advice to help children in the classroom.
  • Welcomes specialists, shadows and other professionals who have been employed by parents to observe and/or work with children in the classroom. School personnel are happy to collaborate and support the work of these professionals.
  • Maintains a list of professionals (psychologists, occupational therapists, social workers etc.) with whom parents can consult to benefit their child and family.

Youth Groups

  • The special educator works with the TRS youth groups to maximize the participation of youth with special needs in youth group programming.

Camp Programs

  • TRS operates a camp during winter school break and a five-week summer day camp. TRS is committed to providing a Jewish camping experience for children ages 3-12. If your child has special needs, please visit our camp webpages and contact our Camp Director, Danielle Heyman-Feist to discuss possible accommodations.

Special Programs

  • A quarterly Inclusion Shabbat dinner and service open to the entire TRS community but specifically targeted to families with children with special needs.
  • A support network for families dealing with mental health issues.