My Rodef Shalom Community

I joined TRS twenty years ago and it has enriched my life in SO many ways. I’d already been a member of the choir before I joined and still am today. But that grew into so much more! I became a member of the Shabbat Rocks band and was instrumental in casting the very first Megillah. Gerry Kadanoff heard that I was getting my undergrad degree at GMU in Musical Theatre and asked me if I would help cast TRS’s very first Megillah — the rest is history! Through the Megillahs I made many wonderful friends and loved being in the shows with my daughter Rachel who was also involved in many TRS activities. Soon came volunteering in the gift shop, bagel bar and more! TRS is where I have met some of my dearest friends and is a place I can go to where I am always at home.

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