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Dara Holop
J*Journeys Engagement Specialist

Jewish Learning is About to be Transformed!

J*Journeys is our model for transforming Jewish learning for adults, families, teens and youth at Temple Rodef Shalom.

Check out our video introduction to J*Journeys.

Three Years in Development

Our nine initiatives and alignment strategies were created by our Task Force through the work of CE21 (Congregational Education for the 21st century), a five-year program that began in 2009 in partnership with Hebrew Union College’s Experiment for Congregational Education and our Federation’s Partnership for Jewish Life and Learning. Six other DC area congregations were also part of this first cohort of CE21. The specific initiatives were developed through the work of our Task Force and Design Team using information from home-based Learning Conversations, Task Force and Design Team discussions, our Visionary Description and Design Elements, and research done into best practices of other congregations.

Vision for Jewish Learning

We are on a remarkable journey of lifelong Jewish learning.  At Temple Rodef Shalom, we create formal and informal learning opportunities for all members, toddlers through seniors. We strive to make Jewish learning a primary means by which congregants come to make connections between Judaism and their American lives.

Why should we be engaged in Jewish learning?

♦ Jewish learning provides a framework for daily living
♦ Jewish learning enriches our relationships to others
♦ Jewish learning helps us better understand ourselves and our place in the world
♦ Jewish learning provides the tools to face sacred moments in our lives

Who are we as learners?

♦ We are all on individual Jewish journeys as we connect to others on their journeys
♦ We are each at a different stage in our Jewish journey
♦ We seek community and connection

How do we learn best?

♦ We connect personally to what is being taught
♦ We model Jewish learning and living for our children
♦ We form personal mentoring relationships for learning
♦ We learn by doing and through authentic Jewish experience

Design Objectives

Our Model seeks to help our learners to:

• Engage where they are at (stage of life and Jewish knowledge)
• Choose among various pathways to learning
• Deepen personal engagement in Jewish learning
• Experience personal relevance and meaning in learning
• Deepen relationships to other learners (building community)
• Engage  in Jewish self-discovery
• Connect in Jewish time
• Learn from trained facilitators who can further these objectives

Initiative Timeline


Start Date

New Parent Workshop

Sept. 2011

Teen Mentoring

Sept. 2011

"Doing Jewish" 5th/6th grade  Curriculum

Sept. 2011

Shabbat Guests

Jan 27, 2012

Shabbaton Program

Apr 14, 2012    

Program Leader Training

Aug/Sept. 2012

Casual Conversations       (about being Jewish)

Sep 2012

Jewish Action Plans

Jan 2013

Jewish Value of the Month

Jan 2013